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Myrna Louise

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Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 09:54
Good Morning everyone....Saga of the Pink Eye....Husband took child to school and told the nurse to go back to nursing school! LMAO...she said she was sorry, but if a child has a red eye, they automatically have to get them picked up...Husband said, "If my son has a pink eye, and he didn't have soap squirted in it by his brother, then I wouldn't have had to pick him up, I would have kept him home!" It gets better...the other child decided because his brother got to stay home from school that he should get a day off from school....His excuse is classic! ON THE 21st OF THE MONTH ALL THE KIDS SCREAM IN HIS EAR AND IT UPSETS HIM! Nice try my son, nice try! too funny!

Sunkeeper: I havn't make the OOPSIE ROLLS yet, I will make them this weekend. I did make the Mexican Muffins, and I decided for amount of work put into it, that it wasn't worth it..They tasted good, but too time consuming for what they are. I decided it would be just as easy to scramble some eggs and throw sour cream and salsa on top! yum...I love that Tuscan Egg Scramble though!!!

Toni and Lyn: WTG!!! Keep at it... Smile

Rachel: Good luck...I couldn't do it...allergic to grapefruit!

Have a wonderful Low Carb day my friends....someone thinks I should actually do some work today!
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Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 11:59
Sunkeeper - First, congratulations on your progress. As for your goal? The things you said that are clues: exercise has become a habit, the food is not boring, the diet is working better than you thought. The answer to the BMI question would be different if you were having a tough time with metabolic resistance, or you were more sedentary, or you had outgrown Induction. You are a luck lady! If I were you I would stay on Induction to 150. Then move to OWL. Atkins suggests moving to OWL when you are within about 10 pounds of goal where the loss rate will slow down. Atkins, if you haven't figured it out, is similar to an elimination diet. By staying away from certain foods like nuts, fruit, wheat, corn, dairy etc. during Induction your body detoxes (in a sense). Then when you add the foods back one at a time with pauses you really really get a sense of where your danger lies. You might find nuts trigger you to overeat, you might find you bloat on corn etc. That is scary, that you might lose the hard earned ground you covered. It is a time of caution as you climb the carb ladder slowly. I think deciding how much lower you decide to go should be made then. Make your end of OWL goal 140 and then you can tinker up or down when you have body feedback.
I don't know if I answered your question regarding BMI. I don't have your height. For me I was healthier in the 22-23 BMI. WASSmile Striving to get back. I think BMI is important when you are under it or over it. But when you are within range, it is a matter of you will know what feels best. Inhabit yourself so to speak.
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Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 13:24
Exactly the answers I was looking for and leaning towards. I'm 5'4" so 140 isn't going to be twiggy thin which I don't want, I'd like to stay healthy looking. Pre steroids and all the drugs that came from 4 botched surgeries I had gone between 136 and 145 for years which seemed to be a comfortable range for me. When I started all this I was feeling so defeated from being sedate for so long, no exercise much at all when I was use to walking 10 miles a day. It has just been so awesome to get back at it again, I had truly forgotten how good exercise feels when I started doing 15 minute walks a couple times a day which was a huge chore! I think I'll just stick with what works for now and then once I get to the preset goal I'll go from there. Thanks for the reply, it is scary so knowing someone gets it really really helps.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2013, 23:06
Good day everyone, down a kilo overnight yey-I know it's water weight but I'll take it anyway! (2.2lbs)
Sunkeeper I like little achievable goals, I would aim for setting goals at say albs or 2 kilos at a time, they are mini goals... but also if you are within reach of goal and you are doing Atkins you should definitely be moving up the ladder, increasing your net carbs at + 5 per week, just so that you can find out what you need to eat to lose/maintain /put on... once you have that it's easy to stay on track and not end up where you were before.

Micki 13 hi and welcome to our group, jump in and introduce yourself Smile

Toni and LynCaro well done on the loss. Always feels good hey!

Hi Stacy, you have a great Thursday too!

Myrna cracking me up!

Ibsgoner, good advice for Sunkeeper Smile

To maintain weight I used to have around 40NC I lose under that

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 03:53
Happy Friday, everyone! TGIF!! I can't believe the weekend is already here...I've been so busy that this week has just flown by!

Leikoa- I want you to know that I've got my fingers crossed for you. I really hope that your contract is extended. Stay positive and focused!

Rachel- How is the diet that the doctor put you on going? I know that it has only been like a day, but are you finding that you feel hungrier now with the extra carbs that you may not be used to? Just wondering, because I'm thinking of trying that diet myself. Thanks for sharing!

Myrna- Oh, girl, your stories crack me up!!Laughing Those boys of yours are a hoot!
By the way, I'm making the OOPSIE ROLLS this morning, so I'll let you know how that goes...
Take care of that beautiful figure of yours!!Very Happy

Sunkeeper- I think the advice that lbsgoner gave you is right on. If you have a history of 136-145 lbs., and you were happy there, then I'd shoot for that. You can do it! Follow what lbsgoner said about staying in induction until 150, then moving on to OWL until you reach your goal. By the research I've done, she's absolutely correct.
By the way--I made the PIZZA HUT BREAD STICKS that you gave me the recipe for and they were pretty good--only thing I would do differently with that recipe next time is to leave the extra seasoning off the top (it tasted a little grainy--unless I did something wrong, which is quite possible!)

Micki13- Welcome to the group! I'm sure that you will find this group very supportive!

Linda- 2.2 lbs. (1 kg) overnight is awesome!! Water weight or not, that's great!!Smile And thank you for sharing how many net carbs you were eating in maintenance...I know everyone is different, but I've been wondering about that.

As for me, I'm doing really well...I've been keeping my net carbs right around 25, but my RDI is rather low for all the running I do. It's funny--when I was eating low fat, high carb my calorie intake was so much higher, but I was so much hungrier! I wish I had started this WOE 15 years ago! Oh well, live and learn.
Good news: I'm officially a size 6! I've been an 8 for the past 2 years, but my size 6 pants fit now! (I even wore a size 2 to lunch on Tuesday, but the 2's are from 'White House/Black Market', and their sizes tend to run bigger, so it's a wash! lol) Next goal: Get back into my size 5's...

Anyhoo, have a great Friday everyone!!


Myrna Louise

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 07:21
JULIE: You are my hero! I will never be a size 6! I am 6 ft tall...if I get to a 14 I am going to be doing good!

Husband told son he can have a day off from school next week...MEN! We had a big fight about how to raise children...we agree to disagree!

Do let me know how the rolls turn out!

Have a great low carb day my friends!
[b] [i]270-down to 180 = 90 (11 1/2 Months)

We have chosen a path in the road...sometimes we will hit a bump, trip on a rock, miss a corner, and slam right into a mountain....but if we just back up a little, we can get right back on the path!

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 11:00
Morning all!
We got 14 inches of snow. My driveway because of wind drifts ended up with 18 inches of snow. I know this because I shoveled the drive this morning and measured. But hey! I SHOVELED THE DRIVE THIS MORNING! This should mean that I can handle some exercise now.

I also weighed in at 171.9 first thing this morning. So happy that stall is done. It also had me thinking, you know all of this time I've thought that during PMS and TOM weeks I completely stall. Maybe I don't. I am PMS'ing - and I'm steadily losing. So what's the difference? I've cut out the sugar free candy.
I'm off for a bit to fill orders.
Have a great day, all!
- Toni

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 11:21
Starting day three of the fat fast, it is way harder than I expected. I've been eating low carb for three years and I'm not used to feeling hungry!

Atriel - yikes, snow! Gratz on figuring out about SF candy, those sugar alcohols do give some people stalls. I try to avoid them myself.

Sunkeeper - I totally think you should change your goals if it feels right. You sound like you are looking at it in a sensible way. I hated it though when I did and FS lost all my progress to date.

Myrna Louise - the pink eye story cracked me up. I totally understand their position but I can totally see kids going "oh cool, hey dude, spray my eye with soap so I can skip today".

Tenkilos - down is always good. Claim it and rock it!

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 12:00
Hi everyone. Just checking in. Sounds like everyone is doing great! I was doing a fat fast of sorts for a day and was able to lose my water weight that I had gained quickly so I'm happy, Now I'm back to doing induction for 8 weeks.....although I do have a hard time staying away from those sugar free chocolate covered mints....dang it! Smile Tony......all that snow....what a hassle. We are expecting freezing rain tonight and they are calling for an inch of ice on the roads by morning. Yuck. Rachel, I may do your 3 day diet also after this 8 week Induction challenge is over if this last 10 lbs doesn't come off by then. Rowenfair - that was my problem too with the fat fast....hunger. One more day. You can do it! Have a great low carb weekend everyone.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 12:48
Just checking in here...not sure if I have had a stomach bug or what but I am Still watching my carbs even thought I have been feeling icky.

It sounds like everyone is doing good. Congrats to those that have lost weight! It has been snowing here today too...supposed to snow all day. However, next Friday it is supposed to be 47 so I am looking forward to that!

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re-start grrr Mini goal: 197's by 09/19/2013
I have to restart again as I slipped. I am leaving the above so I can keep track. It happens and I have to keep learning. restart at 227 on 07/20/2017.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 13:14
Checking in with snow here as well but that's nothing unusual for us. Can't wait till we get some 40's for sure, Feb and Mar are such long months.

Went out and bought myself a new treadmill this morning. I did my 10-15 year old one in I think when I was on at 3.5 mph for 100 minutes. Now if I'm on for longer than 1 hr it gets a really bad burning smell, time for one of these new fangled ones that you can incline at will instead of always being at 10%. My treat to myself for almost 30 lbs off, I've worked hard and I deserve it! Now I just need a couple of strong backs to get it in the house.....

TGIF, my pizza and 2 beer day. Going to try Deep Dish Quiche Pizza tonight, I'll report the findings back, of coarse.

If I drink 2 beers on a Fri night by Sun my system is totally all cleaned out ready for more low carbs. Other wise I am so sunk as no matter how much fibre I eat it's not enough, I can't stand that I'm going to blow up feeling. There have been days when I really did think I was going to blow up, the difference now being I make sure I'm not over in either calories or carbs. Not part of induction I know as alcohol isn't to be consumed, I do figure it all in and it works, for me anyway.

I'm going to stay the coarse for a bit and see what happens. I still have my 150 goal for Apr. after that we'll play it by ear. Now that I've added in my Fri pizza night I'm somewhat between OWL and induction 1 day of the week.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend, stays with the program and is beaming to report losses. Spring is coming, we'll all need new Easter bonnets as I'm sure our heads are smaller along with the bodies ready to be revealed once these darn winter coats are put away.

It's all worth the effort, I'm worth it and so are you!

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 14:17
LOL..Sunkeeper...yep we will need new bonnets. I am on the look out for a good used treadmill. I have been keeping an eye on Craigslist...since my elliptical bit the dust I think I will give the treadmill another whirl...mostly because I want to train for the 12k that is in May and of course with the weather here that just isn't possible to do outside very often at this time of the year.

I hope you have a great weekend.
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re-start grrr Mini goal: 197's by 09/19/2013
I have to restart again as I slipped. I am leaving the above so I can keep track. It happens and I have to keep learning. restart at 227 on 07/20/2017.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 18:41
Whoot Whoot!! EVeryone is doing great.. weight loss keeping steady!

Sunkeeper.. So happy for you! you are on a roll and doing a great job! Let us know how that Deep Dish Pizza turns out..

Toni.. Yaaayyy for you! you broke that stall.. Feels good to get that scale moving again..As for the sugar free candy.. This week I have been a beast with the candy.. TOM has had me non stop with it.. Haven't had any today but I did say once I am finished with the bag(s) (yes I said bags, lol lol ) Although, the sugar free candies haven't made me stall.. (better knock on wood) I will not purchase for a minute.. So good for you for breaking free - they are soooo addictive! Ohh BTW shoveling that snow was plenty exercise! Wink

Jaime.. Glad that you are feeling better.. Good going on looking for the new treadmill..I found my stationary (recumbent) bike on Craigslist and I couldn't believe the condition of the bike.. Looked brand new. Anyway, good luck on finding one..

Mokakiss.. As I was telling Toni -- those doggone candies! I love them.. Russell Stover yummy!

Julie Congrats on getting into those size 6! What an accomplishment!

Darri!!! My girl! Took me a minute to get back to you.. but I am so glad that I could assist you the other day with the stomach workout (the laughter)..girlfriend my cha chas were huge.. 40DD now I am a 38D going into a C.. Soo helmets they were! Great advice you shared with Sunkeeper..


LInda.. How could I miss speaking to you.. Sorry sweets.. Glad that you are back and congrats on the overnight weight loss - water weight, ounces it all matters.. Very Happy

LynCaro.. Congrats on breaking that stall and losing those pounds over the past few days! You're doing a great job and keep up with the walking..

Leikoa.. Thank you for referring me to the page for the chowder.. When you mentioned it the other day I was drooling (lol lol) .. Hang in there hon..

I hope everyone's day is going well and their weekend is even better.. Will be checking in shortly..


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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 20:54
Leikoa—You were right. It is a very intense diet. But so far-it works!

Sunkeeper-It has been kind of challenging not being able to eat whatever I want as long as it’s on plan. Although it doesn’t look like a whole lot to eat, I have been so over stuffed at supper all 3 days and satisfied the remaining meals. It’s hard not to pick up something to snack on that’s low/no carb if I get where I want something to snack on but overall—not horrible and it appears to work! All that pizza—I have decided that LC pizza is THE meal choice for tomorrow. I’m only feeding me and the boy this weekend so I can make the LC pizza and not worry about the complainers.

Micki13- Welcome! I hope you find all of the support and friendship you could ever dream of here.

Toni-You are right about binging occasionally being better than all of the time. I have that tendency too during PMS/TOM. 14 inches of snow—wow!! That’s a lot of snow. I’d sure say that if you shoveled any of that much less all of it that you are well in shape!

Lyn—Way to go! Stall gone and things going well again congrats on that 1.4lbs which I’m sure is even more by now!

Stacy—How did your supervisor fair? I know it was a little hard by the third day. I didn’t want exactly what was written on the paper to eat so it was harder to eat it even though I was hungry and ready for food.

Myrna—Oh boy! You and those kiddos crack me up! Hubby is right, she needs to go back to school if she can’t tell the difference between pink eye and eye redness due to soap. There’s a big difference. LOL @ the 2nd one trying to get a day out of school—and winning. I think I’m going to mix up the oopsie rolls and try it as a pizza crust tomorrow. I have been craving pizza for weeks! OH NO!!! I kinda wish I was allergic to grape fruit…that stuff is NASTY—good thing I only had to choke down 8oz of juice.

Linda—Yay!!! 2.2lbs down and I bet the rest will go in no time. You’re a pro at this!

Julie—This is day 3 of 3. Everything went well. There were times when I was a little hungry but not too bad. I think the hardest part was not snacking when I wanted to. Way to go—size 6…I doubt I’ll EVER see a size 6.

Rowan—as the day is nearing I hope your almost done with your fat fast and it has given you great rewards. I know how frustrating it can be to completely change everything even just for three days. Hang in there!! You’re almost back to regular LC.

Moka—I would say it was well worth the 3 days and there were rare points that I was ACTUALLY hungry. There were frustrations with not being able to pick up and snack but I suppose that’s a good thing to start practicing.

Jaime—I sure hope you feel much better soon!!!

Dorothy—So good to see you and your laughter is contagious. I completely understand what you are talking about with the 40DD’s being helmets. Unfortunately, I have been pregnant, gained weight, and lost weight and my bra hasn’t changed one little bit—in either direction. Enjoy your nearly C’s.

Today was day 3 of 3 of the new diet plan. As I’ve said in previous comments, there were points that I was slightly hungry but nothing more than just not paying attention that it was time to eat again. It was hard to eat EXACTLY what was written on paper and nothing else. With that being said, even with starting hormonal birth control, I was down from 233.6 to a 228.0 at 4PM today. That’s almost 6lbs! Tomorrow I go back to regular LC and I’m anxious to see what the ultimate weigh in is on Sunday. Even if it’s 5lbs in 3 days, it’ll be worth it just for the added boost.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 20:58
This is my first time checking in. Night time is my hardest time to stay away from ruining my day of good eating. Any suggestions? I am having tea now and think I will have jello.

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 21:42
Wow! I'm gone a few days and this place is buzzing. Love all the great conversations, comments and questions. Congrats to all who are seeing the scale and inches go down. There is a lot of weight loss going on with this group!

I'm still bouncing up and down with the same 3 pounds. I almost caved yesterday. I had a killer craving for warm cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Instead, i picked up a bag of russell stover sugar free chocolate covered toffee pieces. It's a 2 serving bag...I ate both servings. I experienced some major stomach cramping b/c of it and it caused me to spend time in the "library" as my husband calls it. But, I stayed away from anything warm, chocolatey and gooey and this morning the scale was 1 lb less than yesterday (though still up from my last weigh day). No more craving.
Today I'm having a hard time getting my veggies in and I'm really not hungry. I guess I could slice a cucumber just to get in a few of those good carbs.

LZZoSa--welcome to the party...I mean group. you're going to love these ladies (and the occassional man), you just won't be able to help yourself! I'm with you on the night time snackings. I try to plan for a night time snack so that I don't grab something on impulse and ruin my day.

Have a good night all!

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 23:14
LZZoSa---Welcome! I hope you find everything you ever dreamed of in a support group and more here. There are lots and lots of wonderful folks eager to help.

As for the evening snacks....I am guilty too so I plan to have a healthy snack in the evenings that way I'm not over my carbs/cals etc. I also try to make sure I plan SOMETHING else to be doing so that I'm not snacking. IE: chatting, homework, watching a fav show, light cleaning.

“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” ~Jack Dixon

My ticker isn't working but I'm actually down to 253.8lbs

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Posted: 23 Feb 2013, 06:58
Duh, reporting on last night's pizza, you have to make it according to the recipe in order to judge correctly, right? We were more than half was through eating when it dawned on me I'd forgotten the pizza sauce, how do you have pizza with no sauce???? Rest of it was good but didn't taste much like pizza, my own fault though. Even with it I think last weeks was better, it was just regular pizza so for now will recommend the Garlic Cheese Pizza Crust.

Rowanfair, hope your weigh in is great, pat yourself on the back no matter what, you did it! Be proud, a goal accomplished, way to go.

Myrna, I just love your posts, bet your house is full of laughter. 2 full days with the twins, we'll be waiting on the updates.

Julie, good for you, size 6!

Thanks Dorothy, was certainly a challenge for a bit I have to admit. I'm actually surprised at myself for not throwing in the towel a couple of times but I just have such determination, (stubborn) I am in control. Guess it's just my system showing me I need to pay more attention.

Toni that shoveling must have burned a few calories, wow. It will end soon, right? I'm so sick of being on the top end of that shovel and will be so happy to hang it up. Give me a garden fork for exercise any day, way more fun in that.

Moka, good for you sticking to induction for 8 weeks in the challenge. You can do it and I bet you see really good results.

Jaime, you'll need a new bonnet for sure with how well you've been losing. We don't have a Craig's list in Canada that I'm aware of, have ebay but it's getting so dicey with scams I'm afraid to use it much. This treadmill I got was 70% off, must be clearing them for summer stock. At the price I couldn't turn it down as I know mine is going to die any day now.

Rachel I'm soooo happy this appears to be working and it's wonderful you haven't been that hungry. You go girl, be passing all of us soon I'll bet then we'll have to jump on your band wagon to catch up. Grapefruit is no good for me though with cholesterol meds. No subs, dang, how will I catch you????

LZZoSA, nice to meet you, happy to have another person wanting to better themselves. Night time use to be my worst for snacking but since doing low carb I'm just not hungry at night. If the urge should strike just for old times sack I usually have a serving of Coconut Oil Candy which really satisfies the sweet tooth quickly. Just think before you eat, is it worth beating yourself up for it in the morning? Calculate a snack in to your daily journal. Decide if you really want a better you or is an old habit what you want? Think about where the old habit got you. You can and you will be healthier and happier, just take control of the steering wheel, you can do it.

Darri, sorry your on a stall and boy I know how frustrating it is. Is it our bodies way of saying wooooo, so now we need to adjust a bit here, she's serious about this WOE, we need to catch up to this program. Our weaker side got us where we are, it's time for the stronger side to take the forefront. The scale WILL start moving again and it'll feel so good to know you stood your ground and didn't just cave.

I've been sitting this morning playing with next weeks menus. My gosh some of these recipes sound so good, it's a shame there aren't more days in a week you know. I don't even have a rotation of such any more, seems we are eating so many different things and I'm loving it. The days of chicken legs, pork chops and hamburger are done, we've moved much farther up the food chain with the choices available. There are so many good things about this WOE, I just can't see turning back, ever.

Life in general is good, I've found all these new friends that support and encourage me, I've opened a whole new window to cooking and eating and I'm feeling better about myself. Now, if spring would only sprung I'd be floating on a cloud.

Angie, give that ground hog another kick will ya?

Have a great low carb weekend everyone. You CAN and you WILL succeed.

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Posted: 23 Feb 2013, 07:09
ONEderland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 198.4 this morning, so down 2 pounds!! Today is my cheat day and I really dont have a "taste" for anything!!!
Toni, where abouts are you located? I am in Ontario and a few weeks ago we got 34 cm of snow in a day.....I share your shovelling pains!
Congrats to everyone on their weight loss and healthy living!
Myrna Louise

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Posted: 23 Feb 2013, 07:16
LZZoSa..Very Happy Exclamation ..Glad to see you here in our neck of the woods! Great support here! I feel the snack time blues with you! I could get by with sf jello and a dolop of cream, but sometimes I want something, I'll grab a couple almonds..or celery...But if you have a dehydrator, do like the rest of us...TURKEY BACON JERKY..yum

Sunkeeper: As I am not doing Atkins...I have to ask, what is OWL??? I have been trying to figure it out and it is driving me batty! Oh, and about that beer...just a suggestion...Vodka Soda has no carbs....(mini bottles sold at liquor store for sneaking into pizza parlor:Exclamation )lol

I am glad you all enjoy the saga of the twins....before we picked the names I refered to them as BERT and ERNIE....I think we should have stuck with those! tee heeeEvil or Very Mad

I have a drs. appointment on wednesday for my knee...I'm pretty sure it's going to require surgery...and if that is the case, it will have to wait until I lose all the weight...I;m not hobbling around with all that behind me! LMAO....sometimes I think I'm funny! Wink

Just wanted to broach the subject of where you feel the weight loss first....I felt it in my cheeks are not as full, and I actually have a point to my chin that I forgot was there. Also, when I put my bra on, I have to go to the 3rd hook instead of the first! And down 1 pant size....I would be down 2, but I was stuffing extra pounds into the last pair of pants! LOLEmbarassed

Have a fabulous Low Carb day!
[b] [i]270-down to 180 = 90 (11 1/2 Months)

We have chosen a path in the road...sometimes we will hit a bump, trip on a rock, miss a corner, and slam right into a mountain....but if we just back up a little, we can get right back on the path!