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Have you checked out groups and seen that the posts are really old, or you post and get no feed back?
This group is very active, we post every day, posts are not missed.
We have ongoing challenges that everyone can join, you will make friends here and get lots of support on your weight loss journey.
Check in here daily, we keep one topic thread for posts - 'The daily check in here' topic.

Please check in often, in the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, that way no posts get missed, and it' easy to keep up with all the new posts.
To find the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, go to the group forum- near the top you will find the topic- go to the last page for all the newest posts.

We have other threads for specific topics like recipes, as this keeps them all in one place, and other special interest topics like fasting etc

Welcome to our group!


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Hey JMA I am sorry you are missing your son, I guess at least you know why he hasn't called now. You are right a mom does like to hear from our kids. Hang in there.
by jaime30024 on 29 Sep 14 09:08 PM
Good week
Weight day for me today,1.5 so a good drop. Still having trouble getting calories up to where they should be,seem to hit my net carb first. I am trying to stay around 20 seems to be a good number for loss ...
by MaineDonna on 23 Sep 14 08:07 AM
Weight chart colors
it would be nice if my weight ticker worked! It seems to be stuck at 174 my current weight now is 170. I guess that is not much and it has creeped up and down a 1/2 - 1 pound but still, it drives me CRAZY!
by JMA312 on 21 Sep 14 09:10 AM
Happy Saturday
Its GREAT to be a low carber for life:-) :-)
by sexitam on 20 Sep 14 08:41 PM
daily check in
Thanks for the welcomes everyone, it feels great to have everyones support! I am down 4 lbs this week so I know im on the right track.. I was not logging my food prior to this week and was losing veerrry ...
by sexitam on 18 Sep 14 05:41 PM

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My Mum and me sixty pounds lighter :-)
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