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Have you checked out groups and seen that the posts are really old, or you post and get no feed back?
This group is very active, we post every day, posts are not missed.
We have ongoing challenges that everyone can join, you will make friends here and get lots of support on your weight loss journey.
Check in here daily, we keep one topic thread for posts - 'The daily check in here' topic.

Please check in often, in the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, that way no posts get missed, and it' easy to keep up with all the new posts.
To find the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, go to the group forum- near the top you will find the topic- go to the last page for all the newest posts.

We have other threads for specific topics like recipes, as this keeps them all in one place, and other special interest topics like fasting etc

Welcome to our group!


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I went up to 25 carbs per day and my weight is stuck. (At least I am not gaining.) I couldn't handle induction anymore but may go back if I don't start losing again. I am in ketosis.
by LO-Carb Karen on 09 Feb 16 04:46 PM
Coconut Flax Bread from the Fat Fast
This bread is great toasted and spread with a little butter and almond butter or peanut butter. It's from Dana Carpender's Fat Fast cookbook which has lots of great recipes. I highly recommend ...
by chefmichelle on 28 Jan 16 08:19 AM
Up..... Down..... Yo-yo
I record my weight once a week on Sunday. But I weigh myself every morning. That said, I don't stress over the daily fluctuations of the "idiot box". It can make you so frustrated if you ...
by rhontique on 26 Jan 16 08:45 AM
Boy did I have a good (bad) December.
I have been a member of fat secret for quite a while. This is the only group I follow. From Holloween to the first of this year I went crazy eating everything I could get my hands on. Well, I gained 15 ...
by wandastrickland on 22 Jan 16 06:35 AM
Day 3
Oh don't I know it!!! LOL!! Stress, hormones, etc. We will take longer to lose but we WILL do it if we stick it out!!!! I'm here for ya!
by Gayandgray on 14 Jan 16 08:11 AM

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Faith and my son, Tristan
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2 yrs of Atkins Low Carb
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