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Have you checked out groups and seen that the posts are really old, or you post and get no feed back?
This group is very active, we post every day, posts are not missed.
We have ongoing challenges that everyone can join, you will make friends here and get lots of support on your weight loss journey.
Check in here daily, we keep one topic thread for posts - 'The daily check in here' topic.

Please check in often, in the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, that way no posts get missed, and it' easy to keep up with all the new posts.
To find the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, go to the group forum- near the top you will find the topic- go to the last page for all the newest posts.

We have other threads for specific topics like recipes, as this keeps them all in one place, and other special interest topics like fasting etc

Welcome to our group!


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Is it normal?
I am so tired all the time. I am on day 10 of Atkins and want to know if this tiredness remains throughout. I am following the diet 100% but just getting fed up having no energy. Can anyone let me know ...
by Buffy101 on 20 Aug 14 05:45 AM
Peanut Butter and Yoghurt
Greek yoghurt is low in carbs because it has been strained and all the carbs are in the whey which is removed in the straining process
by Buffy101 on 20 Aug 14 05:42 AM
no diet pop
Good decision!
by OgreJ on 19 Aug 14 11:31 AM
Daily Check in
Thanks for the ideas. I don't like strawberries texture but I am trying to get over that. I haven't tried Raspberries, I will have to see how that goes. I love Canalope but my stomach hurts ...
by Dufresne on 19 Aug 14 11:23 AM
LOL, just reread my post and I didn't realize I wrote WEIGHT instead of wait! Guess that is a slip of some kind :-)
by JMA312 on 18 Aug 14 05:49 PM

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