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Have you checked out groups and seen that the posts are really old, or you post and get no feed back?
This group is very active, we post every day, posts are not missed.
We have ongoing challenges that everyone can join, you will make friends here and get lots of support on your weight loss journey.
Check in here daily, we keep one topic thread for posts - 'The daily check in here' topic.

Please check in often, in the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, that way no posts get missed, and it' easy to keep up with all the new posts.
To find the DAILY CHECK IN HERE topic, go to the group forum- near the top you will find the topic- go to the last page for all the newest posts.

We have other threads for specific topics like recipes, as this keeps them all in one place, and other special interest topics like fasting etc

Welcome to our group!


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NikkisMom13: You can read over the low carb basics [url=http://www.fatsecret.ca/g... What foods you should eat depends on a few things, including how healthy you are, how much you exercise and how much ...
by Sunkeeper on 28 Feb 15 05:44 AM
Mock Cheese Crackers
Take a piece of American cheese. slice it into 9 equal squares. seperate them a little bit. Microwave them on high for about 1 minute. (You'll learn to adjust to your microwave). They will puff ...
by mjl1961 on 27 Feb 15 07:56 AM
Harry, here you go [url=http://fatsecret.ca/group... Check In[/url] Once on the thread go to last page for the latest. I encourage you to read lots of the other pages as well, all sorts of good comments ...
by Sunkeeper on 18 Jan 15 03:21 AM
New Year Greetings!
Hi Harry and welcome to the life style of low carb eating, it doesn't have to be a sentence, it's not for me. Come on over to [url=http://fatsecret.ca/group... Check In[/url] where lots of people ...
by Sunkeeper on 14 Jan 15 06:42 AM
Deep Dish Low Carb Pizza Crust 4 eggs 6 oz cream cheese at room temp 1 1/2 tsp oregano or Italian seasoning 1/2 tsp salt pinch of black or cayenne pepper 1 cup shredded Italian cheeses, at least half of ...
by Sunkeeper on 14 Jan 15 04:52 AM

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