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Sticky: How to post in this group
How to post in this group Please post in the [url= CHECK IN HERE[/url] Topic, for the new posts just click on the last page number, and post there. This way you post will ...
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started by tenkilos, 8 months ago.   
Sticky: Starting Out--The Low Carb Basics
Welcome to THE LOW CARB BASICS! The low carb way of eating can be daunting unless you’re well-informed. In this thread, you will find a wealth of information pertaining to low carb dieting. Most of your ...
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started by Julie42.   
hi everyone and welcome to the DAILY CHECK IN, where you will find friends, keep motivated, find out how everyone else is doing-and their secrets to success;) Share ups and downs, tips, ideas, and re ...
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started by tenkilos.   
quick question?!
Do we weigh/measure veggies before or after cooking?
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started by sexitam, a day ago.   
nobody's perfect
Hi friends, I am 'back on the wagon' after three good weeks under my belt and 15 lbs gone I gave in and had my favorite fattening nachos and lots of wine lol...I am happy to find this group in ...
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started by sexitam.   
back surgery
am having back surgery in a few weeks so am going to cook lots of meat up and freeze it so i can stay on low carb i will be down for a wile
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started by brenda joyce spencer.   
Hi everyone, If you have any recipes to share add them here so that they are easy to find :)
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started by tenkilos.   
Doing Atkins, question about induction
Hi, I am doing Atkins and still in induction but I added nuts to my diet. Is it possible I can start using almond flour to make my own chicken nuggets?
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started by marlenenunamann, a week ago.   
would someone kindly review my foods for today and let me know if I'm trending in the right direction? Thanks!
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started by michelleideeaz1.   
Newbie here
Hello all! I'm a newbie here and was wondering if any of you seasoned "Atkinites" could review my food for today and give me any words of guidance/support. Much Thanks!!!!!! I should m ...
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Daily Check in
I totally fell of the wagon this weekend with Cake and junk food. Got to hit the reset button today and not let that happen again. I ate a banana and an Activia Yogurt and I am almost at 50 net carbs. ...
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started by Dufresne.   
are labels reliable?
Hello! Thanks for having me in your group. I`m new at Atkins and have many questions... For example: today I bought Piller's Hungarian Salami, all happy thinking that I was making a good snack choice ...
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started by Optimistic57.   
Not sure if posting in the right place, but here goes. My name is Jamie and i am starting a low carb program to get my weight down. As you can see i have alot to lose, but i know this is the way to go. ...
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Documentary on the Atkin's Diet
Think this might help those that are skeptical...
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started by alicat0665, 11 months ago.   
Fat Fast
Are you doing everything that you are supposed to do but still stalling? Fat Fast may help you out. Here are a couple of links to check into: http://www.low-carb. ...
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started by jaime30024.