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Sticky: How to post in this group
How to post in this group Please post in the [url= CHECK IN HERE[/url] Topic, for the new posts just click on the last page number, and post there. This way you post will ...
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started by tenkilos, 4 years ago.   
Sticky: Starting Out--The Low Carb Basics
Welcome to THE LOW CARB BASICS! The low carb way of eating can be daunting unless you’re well-informed. In this thread, you will find a wealth of information pertaining to low carb dieting. Most of your ...
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started by Julie42.   
Adding fat
I was at a weight loss stall while having macros of 60-70% fat, 10-15% protein and 10-15% carbs. i decided to shake it up by increasing fats to 80-85%. it worked! im eating lots of coconut manna butter ...
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started by Stella1964.   
Low-carb without all the high fat?
Is anyone doing low-carb without necessarily adding in all the extra high fat?
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started by PZ77, a month ago.   
hi everyone and welcome to the DAILY CHECK IN, where you will find friends, keep motivated, find out how everyone else is doing-and their secrets to success;) Share ups and downs, tips, ideas, and re ...
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started by tenkilos.   
hope i stay on track this time.
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started by connie3155, 4 months ago.   
New Challenge Starting Monday
Hi, everyone. I'm Debbie. I signed up for the new LCHF challenge which starts Monday. Anyone else in here participating? I had a molar extracted this afternoon and supposed to eat "soft f ...
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started by Debbie Cousins.   
Hello !!
I just joined the group and am looking for tips and encouragement from me and for me . I have started back on the LCHF way of eating after about an 18 month hiatus. My weight and my labs at the doctor ...
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started by Lippybeth, 5 months ago.   
New Here
I just Joined this group! I had hoped it would import my journal posts from today as my daily check in. :-( Thanks for having me Dori
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started by Dorioakes, 6 months ago.   
New Here
Hi Everyone! I'm new to this group and this site BUT I've been eating low carb for about 3 months (this time). I've lost 12 pounds but have come to a dead stop. I'm back to counting again ...
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started by babybs.   
Doing Low Carb, 20 or so grams per day
Boy do those grams add up fast! Yesterday I was in here planning and revising my evening meal. It is good to log the food every meal and actually see in print the calorie/carb/fat content add up as you ...
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started by diehard3.   
New to group and fatsecret...loving it
This is by far the best tracking app/site that I have found. I have been using Sparkpeople for years and the tracking is more for traditional low fat diets. But I do have a question.....does the full ...
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started by tracyleed, 7 months ago.   
Stimulants and You
Caffeine seems to be the number one choice for the low-energy and sleep deprived among us. What's YOUR pick-me-up? :?:
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started by From371to184.   
How Do You Fight the Keto Flu?
Outside of an "induction" period, the only time I get hit with this is during my intermittent fasts. How do YOU deal?
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started by From371to184.   
Truth in Packaging?
Carbs, net carbs, fiber and sugars... what approach do YOU take when doing the math? :?: :?: :?:
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started by From371to184, 9 months ago.