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Sticky: How to post in this group
How to post in this group Please post in the [url= CHECK IN HERE[/url] Topic, for the new posts just click on the last page number, and post there. This way you post will ...
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started by tenkilos, a year ago.   
Sticky: Starting Out--The Low Carb Basics
Welcome to THE LOW CARB BASICS! The low carb way of eating can be daunting unless you’re well-informed. In this thread, you will find a wealth of information pertaining to low carb dieting. Most of your ...
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started by Julie42.   
hi everyone and welcome to the DAILY CHECK IN, where you will find friends, keep motivated, find out how everyone else is doing-and their secrets to success;) Share ups and downs, tips, ideas, and re ...
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started by tenkilos.   
Just Beginning
Hi everyone - started in earnest on a calorie count way of eating on 8/7/15. Began at a weight of 265, and as of joining this site today, am at 260. I am specifically concentrating on low carb and c ...
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started by GailMN.   
Hello to the group! I have followed the low carb diet on and off for years. It is the only diet that works for me, but is also the hardest because I simply Love carbs! :roll: I am excited to be starting ...
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started by bojana_93.   
Hi there I am in desperate need of a support group as I have zero willpower. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hearing your stories.
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started by Charne100.   
New on FatSecret
Hi there from Texas! Am looking forward to meeting you all on FatSecret, sharing encouragement and simple, delicious recipes, as well as sharing life's weight-loss challenges and solutions!:d
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started by JoyTX, 2 months ago.   
daily check in
Hi,do not think I know where to post daily check in. I am just trying to learn this website! Been doing low carb for almost 3 weeks now, lost 6.50 pounds, could be better,but I am happy with the loss. ...
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started by starkcountygal.   
Snail pace..check in
:doubt: 1 lb. a week is very slow for me..but, will keep going because it's better down then up.. need to ad some veggies I least more.
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started by Martha64, 3 months ago.   
surgery today
Hi all, I'm doing good but starving. I have my surgery today.Leaving in a few hours. I'm had daily chronic pain for 13 years and finally have a solution. I have bursitus and scar tissue under ...
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started by faith4dlg.   
Daily check in
I know there must be a spot on here to daily check in but I can't seem to find it. I'm using an iPad please help.
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started by Addie Aline.   
My eating plan today was really good. Exercise was right on....but Carbs at 111 for the day. That isn't it. :roll:
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started by Judyrose1997.   
Thanks everyone for being here.
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started by Judyrose1997, 3 months ago.   
Just Joined
hello everyone, I just joined this group...I hope it's an active one, so many on here are OLD. I have been doing LC since Jan 15, and I am a slow loser (25 so far), but I am also older so that might ...
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started by Flamanette, 4 months ago.   
Need to get back on the wagon
I was on the LCHF diet about 1 1/2 years ago and did really well. I lost about 37 lbs in 9 months. I found it easy to follow and used alot of low carb recipes. I had emergency gall bladder surgery last ...
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started by pslinky, 4 months ago.