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Sticky: How to post in this group
How to post in this group Please post in the [url= CHECK IN HERE[/url] Topic, for the new posts just click on the last page number, and post there. This way you post will ...
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started by tenkilos, 2 years ago.   
Sticky: Starting Out--The Low Carb Basics
Welcome to THE LOW CARB BASICS! The low carb way of eating can be daunting unless you’re well-informed. In this thread, you will find a wealth of information pertaining to low carb dieting. Most of your ...
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hi everyone and welcome to the DAILY CHECK IN, where you will find friends, keep motivated, find out how everyone else is doing-and their secrets to success;) Share ups and downs, tips, ideas, and re ...
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started by tenkilos.   
Coconut Flax Bread from the Fat Fast
This bread is great toasted and spread with a little butter and almond butter or peanut butter. It's from Dana Carpender's Fat Fast cookbook which has lots of great recipes. I highly recommend ...
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started by chefmichelle , a week ago.   
Up..... Down..... Yo-yo
In the last week I have dropped 8 lbs and then gained back most of it. Then I dropped and gained. Today I'm up 1.4 lbs after dropping about 4 lbs. I'm just frustrated. I started this lifestyle ...
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started by Precious97.   
Boy did I have a good (bad) December.
I have been a member of fat secret for quite a while. This is the only group I follow. From Holloween to the first of this year I went crazy eating everything I could get my hands on. Well, I gained 15 ...
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started by wandastrickland, 2 weeks ago.   
Day 3
Hey all!! Well it's my third day back on induction and I'm hanging in there!!! Think I might have a touch of the "Atkins Flu"?? But I'm trying to remember how much more my health ...
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Hey guys!
Hey peeps!! Just flying by to say howdy!! Just joined and wanted to introduce myself... I'm Precious, but most people call me Presh, I'm 35 with three biological kids (two I'm raising the ...
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started by Precious97.   
Comfort eating
Got out of a toxic relationship. Reality has hit and I realized that I put back on 30 lbs I had lost before we got together. Gained from comfort eating. Now I don't know how to stop. Used to be 185 ...
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started by bojana_93.   
Need advise...cant get past 151 lbs. I am 5'4 height
Hi all so I need advise. I am sick of being 151. I cannot get down past that and of course I need to look at my diet right? My exercise is good. I am now training 3 times a week with my trainer for ...
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started by Panigale1199.   
LC Thanksgiving
I have my Mostly LCHF Thanksgiving dinner all planned out . Its going to be this weekend,, since I am traveling for the Holiday . Got most of my recipes from 'Taking out the Crabage "~DJ Foodie ...
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started by Tamarah Jo.   
Low Carbers Check Our This Site!
If you haven't already, check out I Breathe I'm Hungry website and also on facebook. There is free Amazon e-books for recipes. I Breathe Im Hungry 6 hrs · Today's Amazon freebie is ...
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Fat fast
Hi all i'am new here am doing a fat fast as was getting much results with jst low carbs any tips would b very welcome thx xx
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haven't checked in in a while
I am restarting my diet and my blood sugar is already down. Hope to lose all this weight. I have a new profile pic that shows how much I need to lose. Thanks for listening.
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started by LO-Carb Karen, 4 months ago.   
Hi. I'm new here. I've been doing Paleo but cheating with (lots of) wine and eating sweet potato etc. I thought I might be able to get some support and tips here to enable me to go much lower with ...
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started by Seagypsy62.