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Hi, let's join together to get some relief... and also share the medications you all are using... may we get the best medicine for all people suffering from the same disease!


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Synthroid Side effects
I agree with Feisty174. you need to be retested. Levothyroxine might not be the right medication for you. If you are not converting it, your lab tests will show it. i just got switched to Nature-Throid ...
by crstlgls on 16 Jul 17 12:26 PM
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If you have a non-active thyroid, Synthroid alone won't help you. You need to be put either on desiccated thyroid or add liothyronine to it. Synthroid is T4 only, and you also need the T3.
by crstlgls on 16 Jul 17 12:13 PM
Frustration in spades!
ksettle70, I have to agree with you about the iodine. Too much can damage your thyroid, too. I won't take iodine supplements, except for a multivitamin that contains it. Those usually contain 150 ...
by crstlgls on 16 Jul 17 12:09 PM
I heard Armour doesn't work so well because they reformulated the binders. I got put on Nature-Throid last Wednesday. I couldn't convert Levothyroxine to the active thyroid hormone. Nature-Throid ...
by crstlgls on 16 Jul 17 11:53 AM
New diet for thyroid I found
I am on the Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I am going to BJ's Club tomorrow and getting whatever else i need, then starting to eat 6 times a day Tuesday. It avoids gluten, greens, and soy, ...
by crstlgls on 16 Jul 17 11:48 AM

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