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Posted: 12 Jul 2012, 04:52
Only 16 of us?

I've been pushing myself to increase my activity, particularly at weekends. Having spent the last few Saturdays wandering round the British Museum.

This Saturday I'm being dragged (kicking and screaming you understandLaughing Laughing Laughing) to Chinatown for a dimsum lunch. Afterwards though I was thinking of scooting over too the Natural History Museum and try and walk off a few of those calories!

42" jeans(25/01/2013) 40"(28/02/2013) 38"(20/03/2013) 36"(25/05/2013)
Down from 60" waist jeans since June 21st 2012.

Still keeping to my 26" jeans, but they are too tight for comfort. too many tasty things in the US, and over Xmas.

Onwards and Downwards! Smile