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Do you ever need a nudge in the right direction or have a fabulous recipe to share.This is the group for you. Join and lets have fun supporting each other and reach our goals


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Thank you so much!! So I kinda lost my way but I'm back at it again NEVER GIVING UP!! I'm starting small, more water and making time in my busy schedule to work out.
by Think1st92 on 19 Aug 14 09:38 PM
Support Buddies
I to need the support of others, so if I can be your buddy ,please just let me know. I am faithful about getting back to you. I am also new to this sight ,and I don't know anyone yet.
by sandycatiller on 10 Jul 14 05:58 PM
1 week in
It's hard to get started but if you keep up eating healthy and exercising you will see change. There are some great recipes on the site and if you haven't used the food calendar it really does ...
by SJacqueline on 19 May 14 06:06 PM
Start slow, pick one thing you're going to do and stick to it. Like exercise for 10 minutes a day or take a walk every evening.When you find that easy, add something else like cut your portions or ...
by SJacqueline on 19 May 14 05:58 PM
i need support so feel free to add me as a buddy please
I understand how you feel. I was the skinny kid too...now I'm not. I also want to be healthier ofr myself and my kids, (I want to be the role model for my son).
by crystal2575 on 21 Feb 14 10:09 AM

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