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Hi folks!
I just found this site yesterday and I've got a question. My recommended calorie intake is 1900 calories. That seems so much higher than what I've been used to with some of the other trackers ...
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started by Hkb72.   
Food addiction? Support is appreciated !
HI ! I've been using FatSecret since Nov 2013, but just joined this group. I lost 30 lbs by June 2014 and then put it back on, with 10 more added. I started again in late July this year and am ...
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started by Babette Lou.   
My journey to the new me
Hi to all of y'all I'm shamika & weighing 150lbs @ 30 y/o & 5ft 2in. I'm holding steady w/ my weight but I want to get to my ideal weight of 120lbs. I'm seeing a nutritionist to ...
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started by shamikaleak, a week ago.   
Eating Habits
Hi Everyone! I'm a complusive sress eater. I go through spells when I can control it, then something happens and the stress eating takes over. Then I feel angry at myself for not being able to ...
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New to group
Hello I am new to the group... Looking for support etc. I am from Atlanta (Smyrna) Ga have 2 shelties (dogs) love to walk with Leslie Sansone need to get back to that habit and go to the gym. Would love ...
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Better health and losing weight too!
Started an amazing nutritional program. Lost 14lbs in less than 2 months and down one size. Eating clean, shakes and healthy meals. Includes coaching, recipes and tons of information and support. Easy ...
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started by Lisa Faucette, 3 months ago.   
In need of some serious support
I moved from Houston, Tx to Odessa, Tx in October of last year. I worked out ALL THE TIME with my mother in law and when I left I was less than 20 pounds from my goal weight. Since being here I have g ...
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Lost one pound
:lol: Yay!!
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started by Jamomo, 12 months ago.   
starting over
I lost ten pounds last year, and then gained them all back over vacation and the weeks following vacation. Am ready to start over today. I know I can do this....but its not easy!!
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started by Jamomo, 12 months ago.   
Just looking for some support
Saw this group with the title "Ladies" so I figure it's safe to discuss women issues. I have about 9 and 1/2 months until I turn 50 yrs old and I want to be at my goal weight by then. I ...
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started by BeckyBaby65too, 12 months ago.   
Just recently turned 21, I've been overweight for almost my whole life but now I am trying to make some changes to my diet and exercise habits. Any support you can give would be very appreciated :)
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Support Buddies
I to need the support of others, so if I can be your buddy ,please just let me know. I am faithful about getting back to you. I am also new to this sight ,and I don't know anyone yet.
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started by sandycatiller, a year ago.   
1 week in
One week in and have not dropped a single pound. I have done this before and still have no friends. Looking to support others when times get hard and hopefully get some help myself!
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started by Brittney0808.   
:cry: i need support. i do not do anything to lose weight.
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Do you want to lose weight?
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i need support so feel free to add me as a buddy please
i will be 32 in july and over the past 6 years or so my life has been pretty bland. when i was a kid i was tiny then when i turned 13 my weight just seemed to rise no matter what i did. after i had my ...
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started by laurenwisswell82.