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This is a place where we can exchange information feelings and ideas about our diabesity. This is a place of respect for each other's recovery from diabesity. This isn't a place for flames or trolling, it's just a place where we can tell each other how we are doing.


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Stay awesome!
Hey everyone, i am Alexander... nice to meet you! i hope everyone is positive and believe in his goals!
by Alex0049 on 31 Mar 17 06:04 PM
I found two diabetic cookbooks for my nutribullet. Most of the recipes are very veggie based with a little fruit. It's going well. Things are beginning to turn around. Persistence, trial and error ...
by bowlingcas on 29 Jul 15 09:10 PM
Frustrated that blood sugars are still high
Thanks for the ideas. I'm well within those limits for food. I'm working on cranking up the exercise since I work at a desk all day. I'm eating around 1300 calories per day. The Db edu ...
by bowlingcas on 29 Jul 15 09:08 PM
It Can Be done
As a follow up to my introductory post, I can report that I have indeed reduced my sugar levels back to "normal", my last test result coming back as "no further action necessary" O ...
by Darkazana on 03 May 15 01:30 PM
200 grams of carbs a day?
I aim for less than 100 grams of carb per day and fewer than 1100 calories. Very little fruit, lots of veggies, and poultry and fish, nuts and yes I eat eggs. Doctors just don't seem to like you e ...
by BlueFront on 23 Mar 15 02:12 PM

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