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When your body is strictly carb restricted (and protein is moderate) for a certain period of time (the time frame and exact carb count is a little different from person to person), it enters a state of ketosis. This is when your body starts producing ketones for energy. Some people experience the keto flu, and will actually feel ill. Upping sodium levels (using sea salt is best), and taking a GOOD magnesium supplement will help. SALT IS VITAL WITH THIS LIFESTYLE! LC is a natural diuretic so you will need salt to help keep you hydrated. After a certain period of time (again different from person to person) your body starts using fat more efficiently for energy. This is called keto adaption. You will feel your energy jump to an all time high. This is what I call KETOPIA. :)
If you have too many carbs or high protein just once you will be kicked out of ketosis. You will have to start all over. After becoming keto adapted, it doesn't take as long to get back into ketosis tho.
*20 carbs for the first 3 weeks
*moderate protein (find your macros at www.ruled.me.com)
*no calorie counting until you're in ketosis and your carb cravings have subsided. Fill in calories with fat
*Trans fats, hydrogenated, refined, vegetable, and seed oils are the only fats to be feared
*Be certain to drink lots of water, get in lots of sodium, and take a GOOD magnesium supplement. Some may also need a potassium supplement. I don't recommend potassium supplement without the advice of a dr. Unlike magnesium too much potassium can be harmful.


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I messed up last night at by husband's birthday party and had a piece of cheese bread. I'm still showing as in ketosis though, so I'm wondering why? Anyone know?
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Hi everyone, Anyone on this group following the Banting Diet which is very similar to the Keto diet?
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Yup. I started the egg fast yesterday but forgot after work and stopped at the new Mexican place. Stayed Keto but fell on my first egg fast day. Today I stayed right all day. I probably won't do more ...
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New Member
New to practicing keto, already lost 6Kg, looking for advice on how to gain weight (!) on this diet, with a carb allowance of 40g per day. I workout 5+ days per week and spar (boxing) once per week (c ...
by IncredibleShrinkingMan on 14 Dec 17 08:07 PM
Ketogenic diet and pregnancy
Have you or anyone you know followed the keto diet before and during pregnancy?
by Foxypaws on 03 Oct 17 12:15 PM

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