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Huge nutrition fan & believe food can heal all sorts of niggles. I have eaten the Paleo way for a while & successfully used the Keto diet to shed of a few extra pounds. It should always be a lifestyle and it's so easy :) The story of how my health, energy and weight has changed is prove of the amazing benefit. People are unfortunately uneducated due to marketing and bad food promotion. Its all about what you eat, when you eat it and how much!


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Oil and nausea
Wondering anyone have the same experience? Ate 2 tablespoon of olive oil and grape seed oil on empty stomach for breakfast. An hour later nauseous feeling for about 2 hours.
by lissa2m on 19 Jun 18 12:05 PM
Hi all, trust you are all well. My name is Hayley. I have been on my keto journey since 17 January 2018, weighed in at 85kgs. I did my own research on this way of eating and watched tons of YouTube vi ...
by HayleyScott on 15 Jun 18 09:56 AM
salad dressing twist
I never would have thought of using bacon drippings instead of olive oil for oil/vinegar dressing. Not bad 😝.
by Chow moore on 09 Jun 18 07:24 PM
Hi Miraculum, Good advice, I need to make an appointment for a cleaning in June. I have been using listerine and tongue brushing and it is a bit better, no black now, just white stuff. I read that this ...
by metrying2lose67 on 23 May 18 06:37 PM
New to the group
Hi Mike, I realize this thread is old, but your protein seems high. Keto is a High fat, moderate protein and low carb way of eating. At least that's what I've read and the other groups I belong ...
by Colorado Candy on 20 May 18 11:27 PM

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Keto and success!
by cie47
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