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Huge nutrition fan & believe food can heal all sorts of niggles. I have eaten the Paleo way for a while & successfully used the Keto diet to shed of a few extra pounds. It should always be a lifestyle and it's so easy :) The story of how my health, energy and weight has changed is prove of the amazing benefit. People are unfortunately uneducated due to marketing and bad food promotion. Its all about what you eat, when you eat it and how much!


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way to go, you're so close to your goal!!!
by mamamc7 on 07 Oct 17 04:12 PM
Hello everyone If I post on here what I have eaten today would someone (anyone) please let me know if I'm making the correct food choices? Did ok for a couple of weeks but absolutely zero lost last ...
by julie.iom on 20 Aug 17 01:20 PM
Keto-curious (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
I'm curious about this, too. Leanne at healthfulpursuit dot com has a few articles on this, but I haven't had time to dig into it yet. Apparently, it can have advantages for women. That site o ...
by T8U9 on 17 Aug 17 06:59 PM
Net Carbs vs. Carbs
How do I change how the macros show net carbs? I thought it was until i realized that i only had 15 net carbs for day instead of the 35 it showed. Thereby making my macros look like I had gone over.
by Bests4him1 on 16 Aug 17 02:41 PM
Huffpost on keto
Ketogenic Diet Can Kickstart Weight Loss And Boost Brain Fitness Link[url=http://www.huffington... Diet Can Kickstart Weight Loss And Boost Brain Fitness[/url] Mostly good information but then this: ...
by cie47 on 09 Aug 17 03:45 PM

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Keto and success!
by cie47
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