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Intermittent fasting is a fairly new concept that is starting to make waves in the fitness community. This group is designed to share ideas, tips, stories or observations on the concept of taking a short break from eating on a periodic basis.


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IF Burnig Muscle ?
Wow! This was a great article and really brought to light some common sense facts! As an IF'r who works out in the gym consistently...I also get comments that my fasting is burning muscle. This ...
by SupPaddlegirl on 19 May 16 08:38 AM
Net Calories
I am not expert and don't know the technical terms to explain it, but... it is all about CICO (Calories In, Calories Out). When you click on your Calendar button, it shows the Total Calories you ate ...
by ImLaura on 18 May 16 07:00 PM
Thank you Joshua! I appreciate that! I will reach out to her for sure :)
by SupPaddlegirl on 23 Apr 16 03:30 PM
Accidental Fasting
Accidental 24hr fast. Dinner last night, coffee this morning...... Another cup at work, 26oz water, change of plans, trip downtown, 26oz water, meeting over train back home.... No food till dinner... ...
by mahjohn on 19 Jan 16 02:48 PM
Hello/An Introduction
Thank you, Tamarah Jo... I do my "feed" window between 1 and 7 pm. It does not come naturally to me. Or maybe it does and I forgot about that along the way. When I was younger and much t ...
by FluffyMe on 08 Jan 16 07:20 AM

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