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Posted: 01 Jun 2013, 21:19
Hi im 15 years old im 5'3 and i started the atkins induction phase 7 days ago! My starting wieght was 111lb and i just want to get rid of my "baby fat" i lost 5 pounds so far and now im 106.8 pounds and ive only been doing ir for a week! I dont want to get underr 100lb so can i do induction for 10 days instead of 14? Will it make me gain wight back faster? And if so what should i do about phase 2? And also am i suppose to do strength training or cardio during induction? Please help me! Thank youuu :*
Dianna Sue

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Posted: 18 Jun 2013, 16:08
in reading the adkins plan I found that you move on as you feel you should. if you do not want to lose more weight and want to maintain what you now have, move to the next level. you should be doing some kind of exercise, starting young in life is the best way to go to stay healthy, the thing to remember is to find a fitness program that you enjoy or you will not stick with it. At 5 3 you do not want to build a lot of muscle so a toning program would probably be best, say over weight lifting or someting of that nature