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Posted: 10 Oct 2013, 09:44
Hi Everyone

Looking for a little motivation, started Atkins in July and lost 10 kgs within that month. I was living alone so it was super easy to follow and I did my own grocery shopping. Since I moved back home from varsity I have been struggling with getting on with Induction, I make it 5 days and I succumb to bread (I love bread). Then I carboload because I feel guiltySad . I also get hungry when i put exercise in the mix (I cycle 6-7km a day). So am wondering what are you guys eating on induction, how much exercise do you do, any faux carb-y recipes? Love to hear from anyone going through this. I plan to stay on Induction till the last 30 lbs. (I have the book but I'm struggling to finish it lol)

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Posted: 17 Oct 2013, 15:24
I am still on Induction and follow the rules. I would suggest keeping cooked meats readily available so when the urge hits to eat bread etc. you eat that instead and drink lots of water. The smashed cauliflower is similar to mashed potatoes. It doesn't have the exact taste, but comes pretty close. If you really struggle with the bread issue, I would suggest finding low carb recipes for them. But it is best to leave all that behind and work through the craves. Try some fat bombs as well. They are really good.
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KUTGW Everyone!


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Posted: 30 Oct 2013, 20:15
What are "fat bombs"?

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Posted: 04 Nov 2013, 07:31
I am interested in what a fat bomb is too. Okay, Induction week three completed and nothing has happened in two weeks. The only thing I could possibly have done wrong was add Mio to my water every day but it was such a tiny amount barely sweetened let alone coloured. I also worried that I was not eating enough greens each day. My fat intake was significantly larger than my protein (but I am worried about my kidneys). The fat was mainly mayo on eggs. I had no butter, except to fry scrambled eggs. Cream for coffee and in scrambled eggs was the other source. I did have a big pig out one day on the fat trimmed off three pork chops and four steaks. Since the meat was going to be in fridge to be eaten for suppers for a few days and the fat tastes best freshly cooked and hot I ate it all as one meal. The two cups of coffee I had were black. What else can I do? I plan to continue. This week I increase, as planned, the next step up in my activity level. Sooner or later that scale has to drop a pound.