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Posted: 02 Dec 2012, 08:17
Hi everyone. It was nice to find a group for Induction phase on Atkins. I have been on fatsecret for a year now. I started out at 250 pounds. I lost 60 pounds eating low fat, low calorie and after hearing from a doctor about the New Atkins, decided to switch up my nutrition plan to try something new. I have really enjoyed the foods I haven't been able to have in 11 months. Am having a very successful first week on this new plan, losing 6 pounds so far.

Anyone have any breakfast and snack ideas other than what is in the book?

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Posted: 12 Dec 2012, 05:23
Hi, well done on your weight loss, you've done really well. Im currently on day 3 of induction, trying to lose baby weight. But having done Atkins before I know it does work. There is a UK atkins site online that has loads of recipes, advice, information etc. Worth checking out if you havent already x

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Posted: 11 Jan 2013, 12:59
hello , day 7 on induction. I have done it before in the past and lost almost 60lbs but gained it all back, sadly. Well here I go again.