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I just purchased the book, "The New Atkins for a New You". I started Phase 1, Induction. I have over 100 lbs to loose. Hopefully those desiring to join this group will be with Induction for a while..but if not that is okay. Just so we are all following Atkins. Plus, encouraging each participant to keep on to become that healthier individual.


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So, I'm mainly wired for convenience. I am up to preparing my breakfast and meals, but would really like a quick and convenient snacks for Induction. I have read mixed reviews on the Atkins products ...
by Knm50 on 27 Jan 15 08:35 AM
Take potassium pills.
by RoundAngel on 02 Jan 15 09:28 PM
Today is end of week two of induction phase - very upset and angry
I have just finished my second week... have you both measured your inches? i typically lose one week on the scale and then inches the next week with low amount of weight loss. I am trying not to focus ...
by canbedone on 21 Dec 14 11:55 AM
Low testosterone levels are also linked inside
ALPHA FUEL XT can be a testosterone supplement The item aims for you to stabilize AS WELL AS improve men's testosterone levels. Alpha Fuel XT has ones ability to replenish your own testosterone l ...
by Alanrodriguez on 17 Nov 14 02:55 AM
First week no scale available yet and anxious
Day 4 in Induction phase and noticing a slight reduction in my belly area. Yeah the down side is my scale is broken thank God I weighed in the day before it broke because and driving me nuts because all ...
by pattychaney on 13 Nov 14 04:38 AM

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