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I just purchased the book, "The New Atkins for a New You". I started Phase 1, Induction. I have over 100 lbs to loose. Hopefully those desiring to join this group will be with Induction for a while..but if not that is okay. Just so we are all following Atkins. Plus, encouraging each participant to keep on to become that healthier individual.


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hi, i just started a week ago. I want to lose 100-150 lbs. i would love any tips on exercise. Thank you in advance.
by cmartin427 on 17 Mar 14 02:13 PM
Trying to get it right
Get a food scale to weigh the veggies so you can be accurate. I did atkins a long time ago too but I like the addition of the veggies this time. Just have to pick the right veggies. I like green beans, ...
by Nor Cali on 21 Feb 14 04:43 PM
drink lots of water. Hope that helps. I always get headaches and migraines but mine is hormones or when I am sick or allergies.
by Nor Cali on 21 Feb 14 04:37 PM
Artificial sweeteners are crap but alternatives are hard to get used to. I have learned to like the taste of Stevia but it is definitely a hard one to get used to. You could try something like Xyitol ...
by Nor Cali on 21 Feb 14 04:34 PM
Back again
I have started Atkins more times that I can count, but never got past the induction phase without giving up. One thing I can say is that I really does work, even though its tough. Last time I did it ...
by nicki19 on 16 Feb 14 10:01 AM

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