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Question about Induction
Hello! I started Atkins 2 days ago. I have not lost any weight; how many days does it take to work? Also, I ate 12 carbs today, 11 net carbs. I am confused on how this site measures carbs. Can someone ...
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started by GothPrYnCiss, 3 weeks ago.   
So, I'm mainly wired for convenience. I am up to preparing my breakfast and meals, but would really like a quick and convenient snacks for Induction. I have read mixed reviews on the Atkins products ...
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started by Knm50.   
atkins 2002
am on atkins week 3 doing atkins 2002 is this that group
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started by brenda joyce spencer, 2 months ago.   
Leg Cramps: I have been on induction phase for 3 weeks. I have over 80 lbs to lose. I am weighing in monthly because I do not want to discourage myself. Fat rolls are melting off on a day to day ...
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started by GingerMarie123.   
Today is end of week two of induction phase - very upset and angry
Hi, I have been religiously following Atkins for two weeks. I lost 6 lbs the first week and was very encouraged. After adding in 5 days of intense exercise this past week (1 hour kick boxing and 1 hour ...
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started by Britchick66.   
Low testosterone levels are also linked inside
ALPHA FUEL XT can be a testosterone supplement The item aims for you to stabilize AS WELL AS improve men's testosterone levels. Alpha Fuel XT has ones ability to replenish your own testosterone l ...
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started by Alanrodriguez, 4 months ago.   
First week no scale available yet and anxious
Day 4 in Induction phase and noticing a slight reduction in my belly area. Yeah the down side is my scale is broken thank God I weighed in the day before it broke because and driving me nuts because all ...
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started by pattychaney, 4 months ago.   
Three weeks on Induction...getting lots of fat, proper amount of protein, not enough carbs, suitable amount of calories. I am not prone to headaches so when I get one is stands out. Yesterday and today ...
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started by Charades Ashanti.   
weighing in
Hi everyone. Will FatSecret tell you when to weigh in or do you just do it everyday or when you want to??? Thanks!
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started by jdwsbutterfly5604.   
Atkins Caramel Chocolaet Nut Roll
HELP. The Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll on the packaging say is has only 3g of Net Carbs. But when I enter this product on fatscret, it registers the full 19 carbs as net carbs. Usually, any of ...
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started by jjean1226.   
Feeling Insecure :S
Hello there! Hope somebody could help me. My 4th day on Atkins and feeling insecure. Counting my total carbs I realized that maybe I'm eating too much lettuce or veggies. Yesterday my counting was ...
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started by Optimistic57.   
I HATE SWEETENERS..... I love coffee, and I usually have one or one and half sugars in them. Coffee with milk doesnt really drag my net carbs up that much, but sugar is killing me. I really cannot ...
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started by nicki19.   
Are Atkins shakes, meals and bars gluten free?
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started by dobidog, 9 months ago.   
Tough week
What a week I been having as I been so busy running around like crazy from going to two different schools and to hubby doctors and paying bills and shopping that I been going over on my carbs. I step on ...
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started by Sandy92301, 9 months ago.   
Hi all, I am a white male, age 56 that needs to lose about 75 pounds (basically down to abs lean or just before). This diet/cut is my first phase because once I lose the pounds, I will get back into ...
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started by Clooney8493.