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weighing in
Hi everyone. Will FatSecret tell you when to weigh in or do you just do it everyday or when you want to??? Thanks!
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started by jdwsbutterfly5604.   
Are Atkins shakes, meals and bars gluten free?
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started by dobidog, 3 weeks ago.   
Tough week
What a week I been having as I been so busy running around like crazy from going to two different schools and to hubby doctors and paying bills and shopping that I been going over on my carbs. I step on ...
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started by Sandy92301, 4 weeks ago.   
Three weeks on Induction...getting lots of fat, proper amount of protein, not enough carbs, suitable amount of calories. I am not prone to headaches so when I get one is stands out. Yesterday and today ...
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started by Charades Ashanti.   
I HATE SWEETENERS..... I love coffee, and I usually have one or one and half sugars in them. Coffee with milk doesnt really drag my net carbs up that much, but sugar is killing me. I really cannot ...
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started by nicki19.   
Hi all, I am a white male, age 56 that needs to lose about 75 pounds (basically down to abs lean or just before). This diet/cut is my first phase because once I lose the pounds, I will get back into ...
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Trying to get it right
Hi everyone, Did the Atkins in the 80s and now I am going to do it again. It is alot different this time with the veggies. I am having trouble getting things right. My daughter eats an omlet in the ...
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started by SweetB5915.   
Back again
I have started Atkins more times that I can count, but never got past the induction phase without giving up. One thing I can say is that I really does work, even though its tough. Last time I did it ...
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started by nicki19, 5 months ago.   
How Long Have You Been on Induction
I am finished my eighth week. I will probably be on it for months. So far it has been easy and I am losing weight but I fear any changes that might stop the weight loss.
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started by Charades Ashanti.   
Starting again!! I'm doing induction and I know I can only have 20g carbs but what is a good measurement for fat and protein? I'm aiming for aboit 1200 - 1500 cals a day - can anuone help please ...
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started by janeandmoses.   
Started low carb about 20 a day atkins intro. Lost 11 pounds so far. 6'2 333lb male 48 years old. Have been getting muscle cramps in ribcage and back. Happen to anyone else?
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started by ericxray.   
How Do I Share My Weight on Sidebar
I am a noob to this group. In my third week on Induction and following it to the letter. Not once have I gone over 20g carbs and I even managed to drink 95 oz water every day. The diet is not the p ...
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started by Charades Ashanti.   
Struggling with Induction
Hi Everyone Looking for a little motivation, started Atkins in July and lost 10 kgs within that month. I was living alone so it was super easy to follow and I did my own grocery shopping. Since I moved ...
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started by pastaddict.   
Hi I'm new
Hi Is it too late to join? I sure could use some motivation and support. I tried this before and didn't last long so I am back again hopefully this time I can stick to it. I let my carb craving get ...
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started by Sandy92301.   
New to Atkins
Hello everyone! I am new to Atkins and new to this site! I have 100lbs to lose! I know it is not going to be easy but I know it will be worth it.
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started by Tamara Dawkins.