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Themes: Genesis 1:27 (created in the image of God) and 1 Corinthians 6:19 (we are the temple of God)

* Fellowship with other believers who share a common interest in developing a lifestyle that is pleasing to God.
* Learning to look at ourselves and others through the eyes of God, instead of through the eyes of the magazines, Hollywood, and other worldly images.
* Loving ourselves as God loves us, even if we slip up and have to start again.
* Learning to eat right and overcome the harm we are doing to our bodies by the foods we eat.
* Pray for each other and be supportive. We are in this world together, but we are not of this world.


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I did not lose 94 pounds in a week! Lol
How's it going? I sure don't like the stalls in the diet but I just keep pressing on. God willing I have got this.
by christinapierce on 17 Aug 17 07:17 PM
Active group??
Is this still an active forum? GROUP??
by smariegalloway on 13 Jun 16 01:53 PM
Finding joy in His love, and in pleasing Him by showing our bodily temples love
hi there! I believe we are meant to show love to ourselves by eating properly. I do not believe in starvation or deprivation, but, instead in caring for ourselves as He would have us do by eating the ...
by Kadiska on 02 Mar 15 12:14 PM
is anyone here??
Anyone active? Do you want to join this group? What happened?
by learning coach on 28 Jan 14 11:17 AM
Forgot to add that I would really appreciate prayer in this area of overcoming food addiction and gluttony!
by learning coach on 24 Jan 14 09:54 PM

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not sharing weight
not sharing weight
not sharing weight
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