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In need of Help!!!
Does anyone have any Phase 3 tips, recipes, etc that they can send my way. I am just hitting a wall with ideas. =( Thank you all in advance!
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started by mariaallison.   
What alternative products do you all enjoy?
I like soups.
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started by Oppaloopa, 3 months ago.   
New to this group
Hey everyone, I have just joined this group, was wondering where do you find instructions for IP diet as I want to follow it. And maybe anyone out there wish to buddy up for working out together maybe ...
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started by ya.Alina, 11 months ago.   
Store bought sugar free popsicles...
Does anyone know of any store bought sugar free Popsicles that will not negatively effect the Ideal Protein diet. I am worried about "sugar alcohols" throwing me out of ketosis. I need som ...
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started by Jen - I can do this.   
i am struggling. i went to an all inclusive resort and the holidays has gotten me off track. i have lost my mo-jo and cant seem to get it back. HELP!!
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Week 3
I am almost finished with week 3. I've enjoyed making several new meals using the IP recipes.
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started by Brookline, 2 years ago.   
Returning to Phase 1
Hi All, I am returning to phase one as my weight is up about 10lbs from my all time low. I want to go back to phase one and "finish the job." I struggle with other people's opinions--not ...
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started by IPVen.   
Starting again....and discouraged
Hi there, The first time I did IP it was like I finally found the answer to my lifelong battle with weight loss and gain and loss...I did like another person said and sabotaged my success and now my w ...
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Looking for an Ideal protein Buddy
I would like to be in regular contact with someone who is following Ideal Protein- I would love to have a friend with whom to geek out and lose a bunch of fat! Is there anyone out there who could pa ...
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Ideal Protein Diet
What exactly is this diet? Where do I find information re. this diet? Thanks.
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Lost 8 pounds this week.
Then I cheated a bit.
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started by classykaren, 3 years ago.   
Week 7 on IP Phase 1
Hi Everyone, This is my 7th week on IP. I'm looking for tips to maximize weight loss. Has anyone been exercising during Phase 1? I was told to try walking a mile 3 times or 4 times a week. I've ...
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New to the group
Hi I am on my sixth week of the IP diet. I have not cheated, but I have only lost 12 lbs so far. Are there some people who are slower to loose than others?:?:
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started by skinnybysummer2, 4 years ago.   
Sugar in urine while in ketosis
Hi there, I noticed yesterday and today when I tested on the urine strips that I have a fair amount of sugar registering but I'm in ketosis. This day 4 of IP. Any idea what is happening? Thanks!
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started by Thurley160, 4 years ago.   
Lost focus
So I have been on Ideal Protein Diet for 2 and half weeks and was doing ok, not great but ok. Lost 7 pounds at my last weigh in. BUT!! I have gained 2 pounds since then....I am freaking out. My goal is ...
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started by mare003.