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Share your thoughts about this plan, how it works with family, work, personal life. Tell us what you love or hate (about the new eating plan). What you fear when losing weight, and what you can't wait to do.


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Traveling on Ideal Protein.....help
Hi Vickietee, i just got back from my vacation to Orlando and i have been on IP for 3 months and i did take all my IP food. But my coach recommended i do the phase II while out there and it did help. I ...
by Maggier1 on 25 Jun 14 04:39 PM
New to IP having some issues
Dbomback Just experienced a similar occurrence re: bleeding! Supposedly, estrogen is often stored in fat cells and as you burn the fat the estrogen can cause menstral-like bleeding! It should stop fairly ...
by Mizliz415 on 05 Mar 14 07:02 AM
Looking for buddies... looking to drop 10-15 in 2 months!
Hi Everybody! I started IP Aug 3, 2012 and I reached my goal weight a little over a month ago. Last week I ran my first 5K, and my coach was at the finish line waiting for me. I couldn't have done ...
by jeepjenn2 on 29 May 13 10:51 AM
Sleep Disturbance and IP Diet
The insomnia lasted 3 days, now I'm back to normal, yeah!
by dmalli on 13 Sep 12 11:39 AM
using protein to lose weight
I have lost over 50 pounds over the last 1.5 yrs dieting and working out 4-5 days a week with weight lifting, walking, boot camp sort of stuff then hit a plateau recently and lost energy--not sure if age ...
by parisdallas on 12 Sep 12 01:44 PM

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