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Posted: 11 Feb 2012, 16:56
My name is Echo. I'm 24, and my husband is in the military. I am trying to go from 253.6lb to 120lb, for a total weight loss goal of 133.6 lb. I used to be heavier; I used to be 285lb! How long do I intend this to take? As long as it takes!

I am attending college to complete my associate's degree. I mainly use the FatSecret CalorieCounter Android app. I totally love it.

So, how is everyone?

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Posted: 29 Feb 2012, 14:04
Hey!! So I am 28 and I am trying to go from 305 to 170 for a weight loss of 135lbs. this is the heaviest I have ever been Sad I have a condition called PCOS. this requires me to follow very strict diets in order to see any change which is tough as self control and will power are not strong suits for meSad I have tried a lot of diets and hate them all!

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Posted: 25 Mar 2012, 23:00
th1ztime have you found anything that works for weight loss with PCOS? Or has anything been recommended to you? I've been on 500 of metformin for about 2 years now and it hasn't made a weight difference. I think i've tried it all.. I've done eating right and exercising, I've done a candida diet, Slim fast, insulin resistance diet, and nothing as really done a lot. On the Candida diet I lost about 20 pounds.. so I was going to try that again, but honestly it seems like I just lost my appetite and I don't know if I was just losing muscle, because I didn't really eat because my tummy hurt, and that is no way to go about losing weight.
So I was just wondering how you were going about it, and if you've seen any results. Smile

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Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 10:18
Herbalife. I am planning on starting herbalife today. I just ordered the products this weekend. People of all shapes and sizes with various illnesses have gotten good results with it. So, I hope to do the same. A friend of mine recently joined towards the end of last year and has gone down from 260 lbs to 190 lbs. But he worked out a whole lot to get those results. A read a review online about a patient who had PCOS and could not lose weight and was experiencing hair shedding as well, but once she started herbalife her life changed. I don't know much about herbalife, but it sounds pretty good and is all and all natural. But doesn't everything sound awesome until you try and fail? Sad
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Posted: 19 Jun 2013, 23:33
Hey, I'm 21 and 318 pounds, I used to be extremely skinny when I was younger, butI was diagnosed with asthma, and prescribed steroids because my breathing problems were so severe. The steroids messed with my appetite and I could never get full, but I couldn't exercise rigorously because it would trigger my attacks. Now that I'm older I no longer have the problems I had before with breathing, but now I want to get rid of this extra person I'm carrying around.

I'm using the carb counter on here and exercise, mostly walking and swimming.

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Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 07:17
Hey there! I am 25 and 271 pounds...the highest I have ever been before. I never was a skinny girl, but I was nice and slim. My personal goal is to get back down to around 150lbs beacause I was was the most comfortable there, but my doctor would like me down at 135 which is hard to do since I am curvy and big boned so we will see. We can do it!