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On the "diet" road again!
Briefly, went off diet for one reason or another after I lost 10 lbs., two times previously!  Third time in. Ideally, losing 30-35 lbs. would get me in a healthier place. Realistically, I can do ...
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started by TexsGal, 2 years ago.   
Hi, everyone! Just discovered this site last week when I sat down to track calories for the first time in my life. Bam, here's a site that makes it almost automatic! Besides being "of a certain ...
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started by karenbledsoe, 2 years ago.   
hello, new to this group
Hi, I love to knit but haven't been able to much this past year. Need to shape up and get healthy. Finding the 50 more challenging than expected:roll:
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started by pattyinNH, 3 years ago.   
I'm new to this group. I have been crocheting for 18 years and knitting for 8 years. My goal is to try to actually put the yarn down for a little and exercise. It's sometimes so hard to do just ...
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started by knittymama, 4 years ago.   
If you're on [url=]Ra... post your username. I'm jennielynn over there too. If you're NOT on Ravelry, what are you waiting for?!?
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started by jennielynn.   
I love the idea of knitting and crocheting. I have never learned to do an actual pattern just practice lines. Anybody interested in teaching me? I live in North O.C. California.
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started by TNT1.   
New to the Group
Hey Ya'll! So happy to have found a group of stringers to join! I have done crochet forever and just started knitting about a year ago! For about 11 months I was the DishCloth Queen but I've ...
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started by mamaweazel.   
Oh my -- had no idea this group was here!
Hi, I admit I haven't crocheted in years. Just started a baby blanket for my daughter. I have a few I need to make with this being her 1st. Glad I found this site:)
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started by RubyRedSox, 7 years ago.   
What are you working on?
I have a shameful number of unfinished objects (UFOs) that will hopefully become finished objects (FOs) by the end of the summer. Here are a few: - a cool, slouchy oversized summer sweater for myself ...
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started by kstubblefield.   
Have you noticed that "string" people are attracted to each other?
Even on this anonymous site, two of you were already my buddies when I found this group. How funny.
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started by Johanne, 7 years ago.   
Today is a beautiful day to knit!
I just found a bag I started working on months ago, and today is the perfect day to pick up where i left off, I needed a new shopping bag too! :] Sweeeeet! LOL How are all of your projects comming this ...
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started by Shae206.   
Hi fellow knitters
Hi everyone. I am new to FS, but I am really enjoying it so far. I am back on the health wagon and I am feeling good about it so far. I love to knit, and I am currently doing all the "sheldon" ...
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started by dllincoln2003.