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All people are invited who wants to be fit and fine and who wants to share their weight loss experience with other members.People can also share healthy diets and food recipes.


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Cutting Carbs, that means NO Rice, Wheat or Sugar
Our body needs carbs, I do not think you will feel satiated enough not having them at all, you can try reducing them for dinner, but I do not believe is a healthy option to remove all of them completely ...
by Saraswati84 on 10 Apr 14 05:42 AM
I'm not Indian, but I live here.
Any other advice? I am also interested. I heard that flax seeds are really good, but I don't know how to eat or prepare them....and many other pulses that I never heard off, I would like to be able ...
by Saraswati84 on 10 Apr 14 05:41 AM
Honey + Nimbu Paani (Warm) first thing in the morning!!! ;) ;)
How do you prepare aloe vera juice?
by Saraswati84 on 10 Apr 14 04:00 AM
Ideas for recipes/health?
Hello! I am a Spaniard staying in India, and sometimes I find difficult to choose healthy options, as I am not used to much of the grains, beans, vegetables...used here. I would be really grateful if you ...
by Saraswati84 on 10 Apr 14 03:59 AM
How to have Apple Cider vinegar? In what form
by rashmi tandon on 06 Mar 14 01:11 AM

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