Group Forum: hard to drink the gallon of water i am supposed to have every day

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Posted: 22 Feb 2013, 21:52
I spend my day running to the bathroom....i don't like that... it's hard to have a normal day out of the house in that condition...
Is drinking so much really important?

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Posted: 05 Apr 2013, 23:25
The reason your are told to drink that much is to flush the system, so you use the bathroom and see the pound of weight lost the next day. However, I do not like running to the bathroom at work, so I try to drink about a liter a day and take 2-4 laxatives to empty my system to see the weight lost each day! I only do this when I am on HCG or when I've eaten too much.

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Posted: 09 Apr 2013, 08:41
Water is very important. It helps in so many ways, especially when trying to lose weight. The by-product of fat metabolizing is CO2 and water, so when you break down fat you exhale some of the waste and have this extra water in your system. By drinking extra water, you can flush, literally, that fat down the toilet! Now I just find it comical that I have to go pee so often...before I leave the house, after arriving at a destination...when I get back to the family just jokes "dads gotta pee again..."

Happy hCGing!


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Posted: 12 Apr 2013, 20:58
Great, thank you so much for this information, I appreciate it!Thank you down 10.6 pds in 10 days, happy HCGing to you too! Have a great weekend as well.