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Posted: 15 Jan 2013, 05:03
I did the drops a couple of years ago and lost about 50 pounds unfortunatly I went back to my bad eating habits and putsome of it back on. I am on day 6 of the drops and I have lost 8 pounds. It has been hard since I have been so hungry but each day is getting a little easier I think. Last time I got bored with eating the same thing over and over so I am looking for some ideas of what I can eat. maybe some recipes. I plan to make this work this time!

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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 08:17
I just started using HCG drops today. Ive always done well in the past doing Atkins but this last go around Im not losing weight so well. So I wanted to try somethingg different. Im actually having trouble with the first loading phase since Ive been on Atkins now and Im its hard for me to eat a lot and fatty foods.
What drops are you using?

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Posted: 17 Jul 2013, 13:08
hey marcia, Iv also done the same. I didnt lose that many lbs but I have gone back to eating/and gaining. So this is gonna be my first serious round of hcg. im sticking to the diet but some of the hcg recipes i got from this website have some high calorie count so you gotta b careful and do the math lol. this is the website iv been using to help me with getting thru phase 2

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Posted: 27 Jul 2013, 11:19
Hey guys, I just started my HCG journey again, this time using injections, which I find so much easier than remembering to take my drops 15 minutes before eating. I also learned to be careful with homeopathic HCG drops, they usually only contain traces of HCG, which is why I think for me on my previous rounds, I had a hard time following the diet after 2 weeks and always gained the weight back. I did the pregnancy test with my drops and found out no HCG was inside(negative reading). I was so disappointed. That's why I switch to the injections. I wish everyone following the HCG program much success, It's an amazing diet!