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One month down and only lost 20 lbs
I did have one cheat day and rouged a lot of days and experimented, but I constantly stall all the time... like 3-4 days? Not to mention I dont eat the full 500 calories! I was about 192 when I started ...
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started by streetganji.   
New to Group
Hi All, new to the group, but just finished my first 42 days of HCG and VLCD. Sometimes it was hard to even get to 500 calories a day and others I was ravenous! Goal is to lose 100 lbs. Lost 20 lbs ...
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started by Boxermomma64, a day ago.   
4th day of hcg active diet... This should be fun!
I'm doin well so far in keeping my diet at the 500 calorie range this far. I can feel myself slimming and can see it in my face a little. My scale just brine so I have to rush out to get a new one ...
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started by Natasia_.   
I started my journey downward with homeopathic HCG a little over 2 years ago and have been on steady pace downward since. Today is the milestone on my 8th round of day 21 VLCD and I have broken into new ...
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I am just getting started
Hello All, I know that this will be a real challenge but I am very optimistic that I can finally get rid of this weight. I am trying to lose 50lbs before my son's wedding in September. I appreciate ...
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started by Valmax, 3 months ago.   
New to Group
I have done the HCG diet before and was successful on it. However I have gained the weight back and I blame my fiance for it lol. I want to try it again and lose this weight before me wedding next June. ...
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started by sassy5050.   
Gained all my weight back
Hello everyone. I am new to the site and the group. Last year I did medical grade HCG and lost 30 lbs over a 3 month time period. After ending the program I slowly have returned to my binging ways. ...
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started by 30lbfight.   
New to group
Started the HCG 500 calorie diet today. My sister lost almost 40 pounds on this and swears by it. Using the hAcg drops she sent me. I'd love to have some buddies. :D I am in Northern Virginia, ...
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started by Jann G, 8 months ago.   
800 calorie protocol buddies, anyone?
I have been on many rounds of hhcg and rxhcg, but I was getting ubearably irritabe and flying off the handle, needing to lose the 35 lbs or so I've put on over the past while, I want to be back on ...
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started by Adelinesdream.   
starting hcg drops again
I did the drops a couple of years ago and lost about 50 pounds unfortunatly I went back to my bad eating habits and putsome of it back on. I am on day 6 of the drops and I have lost 8 pounds. It has been ...
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started by marcia200.   
Low Potassium?
Has anyone discovered needing a potassium supplement on the hCG diet? I did my first round a little over 2 years ago. I did great, stabilized and went back for another round. After just a few days I ...
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started by loserdani.   
Post 4th of July dedication
I went crazy of the holiday weekend. I managed to pack on 6lbs! Probably just glycogen but damnnnnnn! I'm ready to get refocused and dedicate myself to achieving my fat loss goals! Anyone up for ...
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started by 2011sexyback, 9 months ago.   
800 Calorie HCG Protocol
:!: I'm looking for buddies who might be using the HCG 800 Calorie Protocol? Anyone out there? This is my 4th round ... and I'm noticing I'm not as patient as the first time. Looking for ...
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started by CindiKay19380.   
Last week on R6 P2 – Didn’t cheat last night – yay!!
I’m on my 6th and hopefully final round of HCG. The 1st 2 weeks and the last week seem to be my hardest. You’d think after losing 111lbs and under 20lbs left to go that would be incentive enough. Not ...
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started by CCDiva.   
hard to drink the gallon of water i am supposed to have every day
I spend my day running to the bathroom....i don't like that... it's hard to have a normal day out of the house in that condition... Is drinking so much really important?
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started by cluz.