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Down 4.7 lbs in 2 days
P2D2: down 4.7lbs. I know it is mostly water weight but nice to see the scale going in the right direction. Had a raging headache today and I don't remember that from the first round. Does anyone else ...
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started by ibfnm145, a year ago.   
HCG Diet Questions
Hello All! My name is Bryan and I am a representative of FormaGenix. The main point of this post is to introduce myself and let let you know we are extremely knowledgeable about HCG and the diet protocol ...
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started by FormaGenixBryan, a year ago.   
Facebook group
Just wanted to let anyone know about a new Facebook closed group called HCG modified. Modified because if you are doing 2.0 or a doctor followed program other than the original pounds and inches protocol ...
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started by leesee71, a year ago.   
Starting tomorrow!
Today was my second injection and tomorrow I'm starting the no-carb/vlcd (planning on doing a mix of P&I and Siesta Beach) My goal is to lose 16lbs a month until I reach goal. Hopefully consis ...
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started by queenrilly1, a year ago.   
Question about type of hcg and injecting?
My husband bought intramuscular hcg. We have always injected subcutaneously. Does it make a difference what type of hcg you use or how you inject it?
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started by michelewith1l.   
Day 14 on vlcd
I did the hcg diet in the past and lost quite a bit... And then I started dating my fiance who likes to cook and eat. It was all down hill. Now I have to lose a bunch of weight by January 2015 for my ...
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started by gottagetfit2015.   
New member
Hi everyone! Today is my second day of loading. Tomorrow starts the 500Cal 1st day reducing. I've done this before but not with Hcg. It was with a chiropractor and it was called NutriMost. I hope this ...
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started by Geri ruvio, 2 years ago.   
Can I drink shakes while on Hcg?
Hi all, I've been drinking these 100 calorie shakes for breakfast that usually keep me satiated until around noon, which is my lunch time. I want to go back on the drops but first I wanted to find ...
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started by qtdarkie.   
Brand of HCG??
If you are using the drops, what brand did you buy? Are the the real hcg or the hormone free kind. I just bought hcg 1234 online a few days ago and am waiting to receive those. Do you have to eat a sp ...
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started by abragg0818.   
Does anyone else not follow the 500 calorie suggested and still lose???
I am curious if any of you have tried going over the 500 allotted calories and still lost. I am on some heavy medications that cause issues with my blood sugar and am thinking of bumping my calories up ...
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started by CDHilbmann76.   
Down 8 lbs in first week
I follow the HCG VLCD from Mon - Sat then eat what I want on Sundays. You would think one would pig out on what I call "Free Day Sunday" but that was not the case. I still did not have much ...
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started by luvcatz1.   
Anyone not love loading the secondti around?
Wow. I hate loading. I thought is was great for a while the first ime and by 10 am I was tired . I feel horrible eatting his way and the flavor isn't great. I had a good first extended round after ...
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started by TinaGis.   
One month down and only lost 20 lbs
I did have one cheat day and rouged a lot of days and experimented, but I constantly stall all the time... like 3-4 days? Not to mention I dont eat the full 500 calories! I was about 192 when I started ...
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started by streetganji.   
New to Group
Hi All, new to the group, but just finished my first 42 days of HCG and VLCD. Sometimes it was hard to even get to 500 calories a day and others I was ravenous! Goal is to lose 100 lbs. Lost 20 lbs ...
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started by Boxermomma64, 3 years ago.   
4th day of hcg active diet... This should be fun!
I'm doin well so far in keeping my diet at the 500 calorie range this far. I can feel myself slimming and can see it in my face a little. My scale just brine so I have to rush out to get a new one ...
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started by Natasia_.