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Update today? Anyone know new features?
I can't get to the weigh in screen, but I was having that problem before I upgraded. The note says: Better search and quick pick options, decimals in weigh-ins & bug fixes.
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started by jjmartin, 8 years ago.   
Is it possible to add new barcodes? How? If not, is this a planned feature? I ask because I'm Italian and all the products I scanned till now are not recognized, so I would add new ones my-self.
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started by caru.   
Entering in weights with a point something value
On my G1 I can't seem to enter in weights like 96.2; I can only enter in the value to the nearest kg. Is anyone else having this problem?
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started by xian.   
Barcode Scanner
I'm trying to use my barcode scanner to add my foods to my food diary and it keeps foreclosing. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it?
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started by mms0823.   
MAJOR sync issue
I came across a major issue with the sync functionality on Wednessday. It doesn't really sync, it just uses the internet database instead of the internal one. Great when you have an internet con ...
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started by kristopherd.   
New to group
Hi everyone! New to group and looking forward to making great new weightloss friends! My personal goal is to lose 20 pounds before my fiance gets back from his deployment in Spain, so I'm going to ...
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started by smmrfree78.   
A new category
I love this program. I would like to see Hungry girl recipes as a category. She lits all the calories and ww points. They are awesome books. I have been making a couple recipes a week from them.
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started by audra34.   
Has anyone found this app to be helpful to them in the long run?
Just wondering. . . I downloaded it today.
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started by dsylikm.   
Sync Problems
Changed user information and screen name. Deleted app and reinstalled. Still can not get it to sync correctly with new account. Any suggestions?
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started by Zentauri.   
Is it possible to sync the website account to my phone?
I find myself getting exhausted with the whole "triple-logging" with my WW tracker, the phone, and Fatsecret, but I have to use my phone to track at work, because they apparently monitor the ...
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started by BlackButterfly615.   
Backdate journal and weigh in on the G1?
Hello! The other day I posted a weigh in from my G1 and it had a place where you could fill in a journal entry on that same "page". I also noticed that it looks like you can backdate the ...
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started by Starlitwolf.   
Syncing with Calorie Counter App
I've been using the Calorie Counter App on my G1 for about 6 weeks now, but am newly registered to How does the app sync with the website? Also, is there a way to upload my existing ...
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started by cybr.   
New app version released today (05/15)
Just downloaded the new version, seems like it might be a bit faster. I noticed that it wants to know my location, don't recall if the previous version did as well.
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started by raitchison.   
How do I sync my G1 app with with the website?
I've downloaded the app after I joined this website, but nothing I've entered on the website shows up in my phone. It's like my phone is a separate account. Has anyone else had this pr ...
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started by yanawhite.   
Twitter users???
Anyone here on Twitter? I have recently signed up to be one of my company's team captains for the Shape Up the Nation contest starting April 20th which runs for 10 wks. It has similar challenges ...
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started by dsylikm.