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fat brat

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Posted: 28 Dec 2012, 10:08
I had originally wanted to lose 100 lbs. by my birthday. I didn't make it but I did lose over 65 lbs. in a year. Now I am taking on the last 65 lbs. to lose by my next birthday. Smile That gives me a little more than 355 days to lose another 65 lbs. I am ready for the challege and looking forward to going shopping for new clothes all over again. Size 14 is going to be history I see 10 in my future.
I'm a skinny chick dietin' to get out!!

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Posted: 01 Jan 2013, 18:46
You did not make your top goal but look how far you have come!! Congrats on the weight you are down!! Positive attitude gives positive results!!

We can do this if we take it day by day and step by step~