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Posted: 19 Jul 2012, 17:32
My goal is to lose 44 pounds before November 9 - my birthday.

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Posted: 27 Jul 2012, 12:44
I want to be 175lbs by November 12th! It's my 30th birthday present to myselfSmile

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Posted: 29 Aug 2012, 12:32
my goal is to be 225 lbs by my birthday on november 6.

update 21sep12: i'm about half way there! Smile

update 16Oct12: I may have been overly ambitious... 17.5 pounds in 21 days?!?!?


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Posted: 19 Sep 2012, 20:48
My birthday's Nov 7th so I'm hoping to lose at least 7lb (one per week) but I hope to get below 130 (currently 140ish).

5/20/13: Well I've gained since my last post... There's about 24 weeks until my birthday so I could lose at least 24 pounds which would be 145ish.

11/20/13: I didn't do so well for most of this year until school started back up but I made my goal of 160 by Halloween so that kind of counts... My overall goal is 120 so I guess I want to be stably there by my 21st(!) birthday.

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Posted: 18 Dec 2012, 10:33
my 51st bday was nov.9.really didnt dad died on the 4th.SUCKS!! but i am still on my weight loss journey.dont know when i will reach my goal.i only know that i will.

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Posted: 09 May 2013, 08:13
My birthday is November 1st and I'd like to lose 24 pounds between now and then. Doable? Its not my "ultimate" weight loss goal, but it is one along the way. Smile
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Posted: 30 May 2013, 20:32
Goal is to lose 49 lbs. by Nov. 15

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Posted: 14 Jul 2013, 10:24
Turning 50 on Nov 4th - would like 30 pounds.
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Posted: 24 Jul 2013, 18:15
My birthday is November 10th. I want to lose at least 30 lbs by my birthday.

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Posted: 09 Aug 2013, 12:39
My Birthday is November 17th.
I would like to be at 190 by my 57th Birthday.
I am at 206 right now, so that's 16 lbs in 10 weeks-completely do-able

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Posted: 15 Nov 2013, 13:25
tomorrow is my birthday and i originally had a goal of being at 175. i'm at 191. so i didn't reach my birthday goal, but i still feel good.
i am losing weight every week, just a little more slowly than i would like. i know i will get to 175, but it will take me several more weeks or even a couple months to get there. in the end, i want to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off forever, and this meta-goal trumps any smaller gaol of being __ lbs by __ date.
Happy Birthday to all the November folks Smile