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Posted: 20 Sep 2012, 12:13
October 23rd is my 41st b-day. For that day I would love for the scale to read 123! I've set this goal because the numbers all make sense to me anyways.. 1 - born in 71 and will be 41! 23 day of birth!
so 123 is the mark to get to.. Smile

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Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 11:25
Last day of September and 17 days to my birthday. I think I'm gonna do it! That is, having met my goal of 20 lbs. by my birthday! I've got about 4, maybe 5 lbs to go to get to 140 (or maybe even 139)! YAY!!! So happy Very Happy

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Posted: 01 Dec 2012, 07:45
My birthday is October 17th and I am so looking forward to a new healthier me at 150lbs!
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Posted: 02 Dec 2012, 10:43
My bday is Oct 30. I want to be at my goal weight of 160 lbs by then.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 11:20
My birthday is October 13th and I plan to be 45 pounds less by then!

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Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 15:19
By Oct 29th - my 40th Birthday - I want to be 120 lbs. That's 10 pounds a month!

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Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 15:37
My birthday is 1st October, and I will be 42. I would like to be 139 lb before then, however I also want to maintain my weight after then instead of putting 20+ lbs on like I do every year once I get to my goal.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2013, 16:31
my birthday is oct.23 hoping to be 160lbs by then

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Posted: 04 Jun 2013, 07:26
I decided to be at 150pounds by October 31st my birthday No.34

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Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 02:49
29th birthday on October 27th, 2014.
At 133.3 kilos (293 odd pounds), wish to go down to 100 kilos (220 pounds) by my birthday. Only then will it be happy, I guess.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 09:58
Not much has been happening in this thread for awhile, but after seeing a new post I looked back to find where my post had been. (I posted here back in May 2011. O_o) Looks like I may be able to make that initial goal this year. I am currently under 150lb still--in spite of recent events-, and my birthday is still a little over 12 weeks away,so losing 13lbs is quite realistic. Woohoo!
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Posted: 22 Jul 2014, 01:40

Awesome! Smile

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Posted: 09 Sep 2014, 13:38
I'd like to lose 14lbs by my 50 birthday in late October.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2017, 08:55
My 30th birthday gift to myself is to finally be under the 100kg(220 pounds) mark. I need to lose about 58kg to get there! I am ready for it and will need all the support I can get!

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Posted: 14 Apr 2017, 07:47
My goal is 200 or less by my 53rd bday October 4th!!
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Posted: 18 Jul 2017, 04:12
My 40th birthday will be on 31 Oct 2017, hope to reach my weight goal of 57kg, currently on 66kg just need to get my mindset right