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Posted: 25 Mar 2013, 16:23
I currently weigh 185 and would like to be down 35 pounds by my upcoming 33rd birthday (150) so I can feel like I felt on my wedding day 9 years ago. Cool

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 16:21
I will be 55 on August 18 this year. I hope to lose at least six pounds by then. I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime member (lost over 70 lbs.!) but I would rather be in the middle of my goal weight range, rather than at the high end. My height is 5'4" and my current weight is 141. My all-time high weight was 217 on leap year, February 29, 2008. Best wishes to everyone in this forum!
Carole in Boston

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Posted: 08 Apr 2013, 15:20
Hi everyone! I will be 38 on August 20th. I am 5'1 and currently 145 lbs. I would love to be at 125 on my birthday! Here's to everyone making their goal!!!
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