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July Birthdays
This is perfect timing...My birthday is July 17 and I will be turning 55 this year (whoot!). My goal is to drop 25 pounds in 5 months (from February 17 - July 17) and to weigh in at 169. Happy Birthday ...
by Sharikay1 on 20 Feb 17 10:54 AM
May, I want be 20-30 lbs lighter.
I'm turning 26 this coming May and I want to lose at least 2lbs per week and weigh 144 lbs before my birthday. :d
by zZhea on 12 Feb 17 09:47 PM
June Birthdays
JUNE 3, 2017. Mini-goal of 149 because: 1-it's below 150 (we all know that those 10s are exciting to blow through!) 2-it seems within reason
by Kirs on 08 Feb 17 02:05 PM
3 months till B-Day
Hi I would like to be 80kg by May 8. I started off at 112kg on 31 August 2016 and have lost 19.2kg so far. That is a goal of 12.8 kg in three months.
by dalene822 on 02 Feb 17 07:45 AM
January Birthdays
I want to be at 199 or lower by 01/04/18! I was at 320 on my birthday a few weeks ago, so 121 pound loss in a year is only about 10 lbs a month loss on average. I think it's doable!
by ehead on 01 Feb 17 02:16 PM

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