Group Forum: Almond Flour/Ground almonds best place to buy in bulk please

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Posted: 25 Jun 2012, 04:13
Hi all.
I have been following the paeo diet for two weeks now.I found leaving behind the carbs difficult the first week but think I have got used to not eating them.I hav been experimenting with paleo bread.I have had difficulty sourcing large bags f Almond flour/Ground almons.I can only find the 375g bags.if anyone knows the best place to buy larger bags I would be very greatful.I live in the Uk.
Many thanks Cathy

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Posted: 25 Jun 2012, 10:44
I have found bulk almonds from

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Posted: 25 Jun 2012, 17:36
Yup, me too. I get the 5lb Honeywell bags on Amazon. They are currently out of stock, but I don't expect that to last. I just ordered some Bob's Red Mill (4 pack of 1lb bags) till the Honeywell comes back in stock.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2012, 17:32
I buy almonds at Costco and then grind them in my food processor that I bought at Goodwill used (read cheap). Works great.