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just saying hi
hi everyone, my hubby and i have just this week decided to go Primal. myself mainly to rid the kitchen of processed food and if i lose a bit weight in the process then hey happy days:) . it's working ...
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started by drullae, 4 days ago.   
What are your fave veggie recipes? I am getting bored with salads.
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New Member
So my husband and I have changed our lifestyle to Paleo, though some say not eating dairy is a no-no, that is one thing I will NOT give up since my "go-to" snack to keep away from breads and ...
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started by jcoldicott, 5 months ago.   
Basic Understanding c:
I am new to the diet and I just need some guidnace on how to go about starting. Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated! Like I said, I'm new to this, so go easy on me haha
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started by nikolettuce.   
Help with Detox
Have been following the Paleo plan poorly... wanting to get serious about cleaning out my system of all the toxins. I'm doing a bootcamp workout 3 times per week which burns 500+ calories in an hour. ...
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started by Susanwengert.   
Greetings Groks!
Ive just joined this site tonight and so far I think it's great. I found this group while looking for Primal, and this one had the most members so I joined. I also see it has very little active co ...
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started by xysterdust.   
Paleo Detox Symptoms
Paleo newbie here...anyone experience detox symptoms first couple of weeks doing Paleo?
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started by SandiJane55.   
Former vegetarian, suffering celiac, looking to finally get it right...
Hi all! Ok, so this paleo is totally new to me. Long story short, the 30 lbs I gained having 2 kids is still here. If I said I gave birth recently, or even had toddlers, you may say it will take a ...
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started by purplejojo.   
I am a newbie to the site. I am trying to slowly move my diet into more paleo. I have found that I have a wheat intolerance and currently I eat way to much processed food. I am finding it hard tran ...
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started by dancing belly.   
Paleo for Autoimmune Diseases
After 10 years of trying to figure out why I was feeling so lousy I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease last week. Hashimoto's is when your body makes antibodies against thyroid pe ...
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started by nanjodeyea.   
Morphing from Atkins to Paleo...
I am new here - but I am kind of doing my own thing. Started with Atkins in December, but after more research, gave up all grain at the beginning of this year. I have lost 23 pounds w/o a "fitness ...
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started by JCajun.   
Almond Flour/Ground almonds best place to buy in bulk please
Hi all. I have been following the paeo diet for two weeks now.I found leaving behind the carbs difficult the first week but think I have got used to not eating them.I hav been experimenting with paleo ...
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started by thincath.   
From Atkins to Paleo
The transition from Atkins to Paleo was easy I know from Atkins that adding carbs back in you have to watch it so I'm eating small potatoes and losing. I lost five pounds in 5 days. It won't a ...
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started by Becomeone2.   
Hi I am new here
I have been eating low carb for 2 years and lost 12kg. I just started trying to eat Paleo/Primal in the last two weeks. I have cut out all grains and artificial sweeteners and feel great for doing so. ...
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started by mercurym, 2 years ago.   
Having trouble getting the fat percentage up
Maybe I learned low-fat eating too well. I am sincerely having trouble figuring out how to get more fat in my diet to get closer to the recommended 65-70% of calories from fat. I don't eat red meat ...
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started by debneedham.