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Society (and many times gay culture especially) puts strong emphasis on looking perfect and skinny. This is a support group for the LBGT community and their allies to join.


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Hello from Wisconsin
Hi group! I'm Pete. I just wanted to say hi...
by chitwnpete on 22 Jan 14 08:58 AM
Introduce yourself!
My name is Brittany. I am 18, started at 200 currently 190, my goal is 155. I am from Canada, Ontario.
by Msbrittany123 on 19 Jan 14 05:11 PM
hi guys ! my name is adele and i'm actually bisexual (hope this isn't a problem for anyone). i went on this website to gain weight (and feel like i'm the only one :() and also because i (a ...
by lovelilates on 08 Jan 14 02:06 PM
Heyy, Londoner here!
Hey don't really mind where people are from as we are all on the same journey but I am looking for weight loss buddies.. I don't always come on this site so maybe people who are not afraid to get ...
by Saima Khan on 09 Oct 13 01:20 AM
Hello y'all... New to the site and looking for support.
I'm finally ready to make changes in my life and see my goals through to fruition. I live in SC and I'm a professional gay man that really wants to get healthy and live life to the fullest.
by RullanM on 04 Jul 13 10:09 PM

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Low carb Chicken cordon bleu with sauteed Asparagus :)
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buddies only
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buddies only
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