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Society (and many times gay culture especially) puts strong emphasis on looking perfect and skinny. This is a support group for the LBGT community and their allies to join.


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Hello! New to Fatsecret. :)
Hi I'm new also. If your on here then your really trying right...so basically..you got this!
by Jiggleypuff on 20 Aug 15 09:41 PM
The hustle to thee summer beach ready body continues...
The past 3 weeks have been amazing, went to the gym daily and have been on my best behaviour(ate healthy). so much went is going accordingly, lost a total of 9kg, feeling energized, the clothes are st ...
by thipitle on 11 Aug 15 04:06 AM
diet plan
Hi I have a diet plan from my dietician and I must it works wonders, I lost 9kg in 3 weeks. drop a line on marvin@rochester.co.za and I will happily share the diet plan & support where possible.
by thipitle on 11 Aug 15 04:00 AM
Should you ingest protein immdiately after a work out?
An Article my Self Mastery Coach sent me: One thing that you probably hear all the time is that you should try to eat or have a nutrition shake immediately after exercise to feed your muscles and speed ...
by You are lovable on 12 Mar 15 07:22 PM
How wrong is it to log in and see a coupon for Panera Bread. ARGGGGHHH!!
Oh look there is the KFC ad again. I think it's controlled by either the web browser or a random ad generator. I know if I look up vegan recipes on YouTube a commercial for a steak house pops up in ...
by Instantcrazy on 12 Oct 14 08:49 AM

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