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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to all! Wish you all good things in 2018.
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started by WetTshirt, a month ago.   
Eat less / Lose Weight
Tuesday 14 November 2017 There is many weight reducing diet options and many ways for companies and booksellers to go after your dollars, as it is their business to do so. All programs reduce caloric ...
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started by WetTshirt.   
Who wants to get this book for free
The (Cool Cool Eat To Live) 2011 revised edition includes updated scientific research supporting Dr. Fuhrman's revolutionary six-week plan and a brand new chapter highlighting Dr. Fuhrman's d ...
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started by good-Diet, 5 months ago.   
New to this group
Hi. I am on my version of Keto. Started in January and have lost 56 pounds so far. My goal is 22 lb. away. I just saw this group today, imagine that. :d
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started by cie47, 6 months ago.   
New to Group and Day Two of Keto plan
:) Hi All! Glad to see this group! Also in the Baby Boomer Group as well. have a great weekend....
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started by guitarmama54.   
Lordy, Lordy Do I love a real cream iced coffee!
you little beauty you! Where have you been all my life. Don't need Starbucks when you have room temp coffee, cream and Skinny Girl sweetener spritzs..... New Sunday afternoon favorite...Man I am ...
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started by guitarmama54.   
Hello to all. Is anybody out there? There must be. Hope you can share some thoughts or recipes or tips on this group chat. I feel lonely posting with no comments following by anyone. Would love to see ...
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started by WetTshirt.   
Keep trying....
Weight is a struggle so only look for ways to improve on that. I think of all the times I have "tried" then "fallen off the wagon" and through it all have continually gained insight ...
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started by WetTshirt, 9 months ago.   
Fish....for dinner
I have just discovered fish and seafood! It is actually tasty and delicious. Opens up a whole new world for me. Looking up recipes and different cooking options and learning about the fish itself. What ...
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started by WetTshirt, 10 months ago.   
Happy February y'all!
Just wanted to wish everyone a happy February and am hoping the best for you in your weight journey. Looks like this is going to be a life long challenge. There is going to be good and not so good days, ...
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started by WetTshirt, 11 months ago.   
Eating when not physically hungry
I think this is my hardest struggle. I eat adequately three appropriate and healthy meals a day with added fruit once or twice if hungry. Now and then I get strong urges to eat and usually late night. ...
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started by WetTshirt, a year ago.   
Newbie trying out 'clean eating'
Just a quick hello, I've joined up today and looking forward to the extra motivation of challenging the bulge as a 'team' :) ... hope you all are keeping well ... may the slimming begin (c ...
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started by Lexi_Campbell.   
Newbie here
;) Greetings everyone! I'm brand new here and looking for some support while I'm trying to stick with a lowcarb eating plan and get some exercise this new year! I will be the big 50 in three more ...
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started by Gayandgray.   
Thought I would introduce myself and say hello
Hi All, Just joined the group. I want to say hello to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful and successful day!
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started by dcw1964.   
Not sure if I introduced myself...
Hello! I'm kinda brain foggy today, so I'll just throw an introductory hello out there to everyone in case I forgot to! Happy New Year, and happy slimming to all!
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started by trinityfirestar, 2 years ago.