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All or nothing, 1 potato chip too much 100 not enough
Wed. Sept. 3, 2014 I am finding it easy to lower my daily caloric intake. The hardest part is getting into a healthy medium of eating. I am either limiting everything and you could not get me to eat an ...
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started by WetTshirt.   
Just to say Hi! I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. New to fatsecret and this group.
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started by Stevielicious.   
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm 20 years old. I'm 270 lbs currently and looking to lose 100 lbs. I'm doing this with my girlfriend and we're very excited to work together to change our ...
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started by Jaycee1993, 4 months ago.   
Howdy from South Africa!
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi... so... ehm... hi! :p
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started by Brightest Light, 4 months ago.   
Hello from Wisconsin
Hi group! I'm Pete. I just wanted to say hi...
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started by chitwnpete, 8 months ago.   
Introduce yourself!
What's your name? Age? Starting weight & target weight? Where are you from? Etc.
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started by doublecheese.   
hi guys ! my name is adele and i'm actually bisexual (hope this isn't a problem for anyone). i went on this website to gain weight (and feel like i'm the only one :() and also because i (a ...
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started by lovelilates, 8 months ago.   
Heyy, Londoner here!
Hey don't really mind where people are from as we are all on the same journey but I am looking for weight loss buddies.. I don't always come on this site so maybe people who are not afraid to get ...
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started by Saima Khan, 11 months ago.   
Hello y'all... New to the site and looking for support.
I'm finally ready to make changes in my life and see my goals through to fruition. I live in SC and I'm a professional gay man that really wants to get healthy and live life to the fullest.
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started by RullanM, a year ago.   
Reaching OUT to each other!!
Hi, my name is Erika and I am new to the group. I am currently living in St. Louis, Missouri and I am pleased to say that I am a lesbian! I am also pleased to say that I admit I am not in the best of ...
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started by EkLeonard, a year ago.   
Intro to group, alcohol & restaurants
Hello guys and girls! I am new member here. Most people would think I am crazy and very vain for joining this fatsecret. Im not terribly overweight at all; just need to lose a few pounds to get that p ...
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started by Execguy, a year ago.   
Hi all, I'm new to this site, and have no idea what I'm doing yet, but I'm figuring it out. Any help would be appreciated. :)
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started by DougInDSM, a year ago.   
Looking for some weight loss Friends!
I'm new to this site. I'm always looking to learn new things and I love chatting with different people. I love to share recipes as well. I hope everyone is doing well!!
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started by KtGrace1311, a year ago.   
Hey everyone my name is Jess and I am from NY. I currently want to lose 100 pounds. Just started the atkins diet and am looking for like minded people to share and learn with. Please feel free to send ...
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started by luvanyway.   
Looking for a buddy
Hi I am trisha. I am trying to lose 93 lbs. I have a hard time with diets so I am just going to make small changes and see what happens. I would like a weight loss buddy to help me keep me motivated.
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started by mrsladybug2013.