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Your characters can stay healthy and attractive while eating Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream all day, but you'll have to work for your own athletic body. This group is for gamers looking to lose weight and get healthier while still enjoying pen & paper, video, trading card and all other types of games. We'll discuss the unique challenges we face including regularly hanging out with other gamers who are content to have a beer belly covered in cheese curl dust.


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Trying to quit gaming?
Never been a WoW player, but when i get into fitness mode, I pretty much stop video gaming all together, it seems like it is one or the other for me.
by lord torgo on 06 Aug 14 02:41 AM
ahh I love the Sims too, are you going to buy the Sims 4 when it comes out?
by altairis on 26 Jul 14 07:35 AM
White Wolf RPG Gamer Here
Just going from memory: Cupcakes. Using a boxed cake mix, mix in 1 can of diet sprite (or other diet soda, I've heard diet cherry cola works well with chocolate cake mix). No eggs, no oil, nothing ...
by Taramaow on 21 Jun 14 01:53 PM
Dragon Age Origins
I love all the Bioware games. I've played DA & ME all the way through all three versions several times now. I can't wait for the next ones to come out this year. Ü
by Terrimmxii on 03 Apr 14 04:55 PM
Old guy. 30+ years of p&p experience. Bioware fanboy. General sci-fi, fantasy & comic geek. Pleased to make your acquaintances.
by timconard on 01 Feb 14 08:55 PM

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