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Compulsive over eaters need to be honest, and help everyone stay positive, share what they are doing and how hard it is for them to stop them selves. Lets help each other work through what the real problem of our over eating my actually result from. Maybe we don't have any emotional scars that cause us to be addicted to food, but more than likely there has to be something that wont let us give up the need to eat compulsively. Let's all tell the truth and just keep it real. We have nothing to hide and only the benefit of sharing ourselves with others with out having to be ashamed in a group or crowd of people in person.


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Overeaters anonymous
I tried OA meetings but they weren't for me. It seemed that everybody else was also in some other support group such as AA or Alanon or Narcotics Anonymous or some other step program. I was the only ...
by flanneryfay on 12 Apr 18 10:16 AM
I just joined, but not really social media person.
by flanneryfay on 12 Apr 18 10:06 AM
What is your favorite thing to eat while dieting to help you get through it?
I bought a popcorn popper and use it every night.
by AngieBarnette on 25 Sep 13 10:46 AM
endocrine system
At my visit with the doctor yesterday I discovered that I have a problem with my endocrine system and need some further testing...but this is one of the rebels that are holding back some weight loss that ...
by Andi1971 on 21 Jun 12 09:35 AM
25 grams of fiber a day!
Just a thought...I was looking at my food journal and realized I am not meeting my 25 grams a day fiber. So I probably am not the only one out there not paying attention. This is another reason to keep ...
by Andi1971 on 17 Jun 12 10:52 AM

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