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I was very surprised to discover that Fatsecret had no feminist group, so much so that I took the plunge and created one myself. With a bit of luck we can get it off the ground!

Currently set to 'women only' - not because men can't be feminists, as I firmly beleive that they can, but because women-only space is important, especially around highly sensitive and emotive issues such as weight.


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Getting to know you
Hi all. I'm Laura ("Herbie" is a childhood nickname-- long story). I teach at a university, am in my mid 40s, have two tween daughters who are awesome feminists in their own ways, and this ...
by Herbie on 28 Feb 15 06:14 AM
Attention Ladies! Lets share out concerns!
I always wanted a female community group on fatsecret, and it is surprising actually, that it was made a long time ago. I wanted to create a topic where we can all just share our concerns, because se ...
by MochiMango on 07 Dec 14 11:27 PM
Stress and No Weightloss
I usually lose when I'm stressed, but all that shows is that stress has an effect. What might help is if you can build in some form of physical work into your routine - over time this may retrain your ...
by pericat on 03 Dec 14 01:32 PM
Sweet tooth
In the evenings, I really like to snack some chocolate as well, and I love the good life, so I just switched to very very dark chocolate, choosing the ones with quite some sugar added at first, so I could ...
by MCvdG on 11 Dec 13 10:19 AM
I cannot wait for my jeans to completely fall off to get to the next size...I have 2 regular pairs for when Aunt Flow comes and the other 4 are skinny jeans that I have to constantly hike up because they ...
by sieraana on 13 Apr 12 04:29 AM

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