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The diagnosis of fatty liver disease may be frightening to many, however, there is hope and a possibility that through diet and exercise your liver may be able to recover almost completely.
This group is dedicated to supporting those with fatty liver disease.


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Day 1
The VA tried really hard to support me but they were too vague leaving my food choices to me. So I have read medical studies about liver disease and the best diet they found was the Mediterranean diet. ...
by CMechange on 18 Sep 17 11:56 AM
New to reaching for help
Hi, I have steatohepatitis so my liver is inflamed and scarred but doctors feel I can improve with better habits. I have struggled with changing my habits and this is my first day on this site. I feel ...
by CMechange on 18 Sep 17 05:38 AM
Anybody here?
Was just diagnosed this week. Fortunately no scarring. I've started eating low-fat and I already feel better and have lost 6 pounds. Would be nice to find others here with the same problem.
by sproe on 06 Mar 15 09:00 PM

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