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My sister and I have decided to make the commitment to end our fat, frumpy, grumpy housewife ways.
Support group for all of you housewives that are just sick of your lack of commitment and excuse making attitudes.
Lets motivate each others fat asses and see some changes!!!!!


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Hello it's nice to be here. My friend told me about this site last night when I couldn't sleep and so I'm here. My name is Elizabeth and I am currently 23 years old, married to a wonderful ...
by Egibbs000 on 26 Oct 11 10:58 AM
Mini group challenge anyone?
Yes, I am down for the challenge. Sounds fun...i'm ready!
by kedabeda on 13 Sep 11 02:24 PM
Whats your fitness goal??
Way to go ladies! I really admire people who commit to running. I am currently walking on my treadmill 6 days a week/ 20 minutes at a 9% incline/ 2.4 mph. By Valentines Day I would like to be waking ...
by harringtonkt on 10 Dec 10 06:10 PM
I saw the Zumba Wii game and wondered if it was any good. I am more inclined to buy a Zumba DVD.
by harringtonkt on 10 Dec 10 05:54 PM
I need help and support...
What happened to Sarahlee...I miss her sassy notes!?
by Jen71 on 04 Dec 09 09:03 PM

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created: 28 August 2009

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Mommy Kymmie
not sharing weight
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last weighin: steady Steady
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