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Traditional fasting for those interested in fasting at least one 24 hour period per week. The fast period intention is to be used to cut calories completely from that 24 hour period. Non calorie beverages are fine at the dieter's discretion. The 24 hour, no calorie fast is differentiated from 16:8/intermittent fasting as a full days calories are still consumed over the restrictive 8 hour period of eating. Traditional fasting is specifically to cut calories, though 16:8 should be recognized as having many of the health benefits of the traditional fast. Pile on, or rather, don't pile it on.


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Anyone have experience with 36, 42 hour and extended fasting?
I have been fasting off and on for 7 days at a time. I take supplements and drink diet sports drinks like Vitamin Water Zero and use sips of 5 Hour Energy to get me over the lack of energy. I have found ...
by wcurtin1962 on 15 Apr 18 04:28 PM
What kind of foods/meals do you usually eat after a 24 hs fasting?and how many meals?
Hello, I tried 16/8 and it's good. I used to load/deload carbs too. I lift weights often, so i need food, i can't stand so much time fasting. I read that is very good to do a 24 hs fasting ...
by goheavyorgohome on 29 Jan 18 09:33 PM
Experience and suggestions?
Just happened to be on. I fast with water, coffee, even diet pop if I feel like it, but I'm getting away from that. I used to do the complete day without anything (as you can see the post started ...
by northernmusician on 15 Aug 17 02:07 PM
I need to talk about my experience
I have noticed that on my eating days, I measure out a portion of food and it's enough. Those days of eating a full plate of food and looking around the kitchen for more are over. I remember the ...
by LadyinDenim on 20 Jun 16 11:32 PM
Could someone direct me to an FAQ page, or basic information on Fasting?
You are correct.....if it didn't come on in a week, why should you expect it to fall off quickly? Again, quick fixes usually are temporary and are probably not the safest route for a Diabetic. If ...
by Engeland on 29 May 16 06:59 AM

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My 6/11 - 6/16 Fasting Stats.
by chesgreen
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