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Posted: 12 Aug 2013, 13:12
Hi I've just started Phen under doctor supervision Aug 6, 2013 and my first week weight in I'm down 7lbs. Smile Went from 242 to 234. I feel like a new person, without really any side affects. I am watching my Carbs 75 / Fat 30 and prot around 60 or more. Calories 1200. Some days I'm low on the Calories, but make sure I do eat and drink lots of water. I have struggled these past two years trying to get back on a diet and lose weight but felt like it was an endless struggle. Being on this pill for one week I feel like I'm going with the flow - this is the tool I needed to help be get back on track. I was getting so desperate I was really thinking about doing the lapband. This is a much better choice for me. Answer to prayer!