Group Forum: Anyone Else Being "Preached At" By Others That Aren't On Phentermine, Like Haters? LOL

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Posted: 21 Jul 2014, 22:19
Posted in my journal about my excitement of finally getting my prescription filled (I'd been waiting quite a long time due to the cost). For the most part I find support here on FS from EVERYONE regardless of the diet or way of loss each of us has chosen.
Well, I found myself receiving a bit of a mini lecture if you will about me not eating right, and "until you learn" sort of stuff. I have to admit I was a little offended as I was taken aback by the comment.
I posted what I believe was a civil response in my defense, but then thought "Why do I owe this person an explanation?" THAT pissed me off even more, not at the person, nor myself, just in general.
Well I took it upon myself to have a look at this "good advice offering person who knows what healthy eating is, and was going to teach me" (that's my description) person's FS page, only to find I have lost more weight on my way of eating in the past 7-9 days than this individual has lost in over a month! So I am only left to think this person is either just having a bad day, maybe they meant well but I took it wrong, or the latter which I think is right on the money...SHE'S A HATER!! Oh well, I'm fine with how I am, and what I'm doing with my body. Phentermine works for me, and if Atkins isn't working for you, Miss Hater, maybe you should try the Phentermine!! Bad Grin
Anybody else experience this sort of thing being on Phentermine?
I'm not knocking Atkins either, I've tried it, and IT WORKS!! IF you follow the plan correctly. I just find it funny to be receiving weight loss advice and directions on eating properly from an individual who is just as overweight as I am, and is NOT losing weight at the moment! SMH Confused
Am I wrong for feeling this way? I thought we were here to support each other, not knock each other's diet plans.