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New to group but not to ED
If you're starting to have those thoughts again, seek professional help now. I've been back and forth on the recovery scale, and early intervention is key. You're not alone in this.
by angiecq on 19 Sep 15 06:20 PM
I know my reply is a little late but I wanted to comment. First of all, I'm really sorry that you're struggling with body-image and food issues. And I understand quite a lot, because I have the ...
by hightulip on 15 Sep 15 11:20 PM
I'm back!
Hi! I'm back. I'm the one that started this group years ago and didn't realize how many like minded people had joined. I'm back to Ana after years in "recovery." I'm ...
by EchoingFiat on 28 Sep 14 09:22 AM
Hi everybody!
Hi, I strugled with anorexia when I was 15 and now I'm missing the way I felt... :/ I know this is no good but I don't know anything better... Think I'm coming back...
by kwath on 03 Jun 14 03:49 PM
looking for mature support
Hello, I am kinda close to your age (I will be 29 this summer, so I am not sure if that is too old, lol) and have been dealing with my ed since I was a teenager. I can tell you my history with ed if ...
by achick120 on 11 Apr 14 02:49 PM

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