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The basic concept behind the Eat to Live movement is that you eat healthy, natural foods. High in vegetables, fruits, beans and grains, this diet allows you to rapidly lose extra pounds while eliminating medical conditions such as diabetes, athersclerosis, migraines, and high blood pressure.

This group is a place to share recipes that fall in line with the diet's guidelines, and share tips and tricks for staying on track!


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Joining the ETL group
Hi...just new. Are there guidelines posted anywhere for this diet/lifestyle?
by aunttrudy on 13 Nov 15 10:42 AM
Mayo Clinic. Dash Diet. Heart Healthy Living I type in what I am looking for and the computer will give you lots of choices to choose from.
by SilverladyGranny on 19 May 14 09:06 AM
peanut butter
I try to eat 1/8 cup of nuts daily. But peanut butter has oil in it. So it depends on what you are looking for.
by SilverladyGranny on 19 May 14 09:01 AM
Is anybody out there?
Hey, I am new also. But, I am so busy having fun planning my new way of eating. I do have an imagination. I am on a low salt low fat foods. But my new foods are tasty. Any suggestion to share?
by SilverladyGranny on 19 May 14 08:59 AM
Anyone on Facebook?
Look for me. I post my change of eating there often for my friends. Lois Marie ADAMS Boudreaux. Friend me and leave a message that you are from this site.:) Grilled chicken breast no skin on bone: S ...
by SilverladyGranny on 19 May 14 08:46 AM

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